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  1. Joshinthecity

    what is wrong with my car???

    Thanks, My issue was resolved quickly and professionally, I'm happy with what they did for me. VW in Oz seems to be much better sorted from a customer-service perspective than in the US for some reason. J.
  2. Joshinthecity

    '06 Jetta broken with 250 kilometres?

    was there a plume of white smoke out the back?
  3. Joshinthecity

    what is wrong with my car???

    UPDATE 2: Diagnosed as the turbo shaft broken. First thing like it that VW Aust has seen apparently. New entire turbo unit ordered and should be received and installed tomorrow. Manufacturing fault is to blame. j.
  4. Joshinthecity

    what is wrong with my car???

    UPDATE: Great plumes of white smoke and loss of power after a 1 hr stint on the freeway. Towed-in and diagnosed as a loose hose at the rear of the turbo. :( I've got a loaner for a few days and the whole operation (inc towing) had me back on the road in under an hour. Can't complain about that...
  5. Joshinthecity

    what is wrong with my car???

    This is a good post. 55,000klm on my TDI Golf V. perfection. I'm in love with it, so.. obviously I will now trade it for a Prius. j.
  6. Joshinthecity

    Climatronic & A/C Best setting for fuel economy?

    The climatronic still has an A/C off button doesn't it? j.
  7. Joshinthecity

    Bumming that folks think my Jetta is a Corolla.

    You buy cars mostly based on their looks ??? j
  8. Joshinthecity

    Another wonderful oil change experience

    Got a link to that Cujet? j.
  9. Joshinthecity

    CC vs. drifting in gear vs. out of gear

    Not necessarily the highest possible, but one that puts not too much drag on the trans. You don't want to slow down. Now I think of it, yeah, probably the highest possible (within reason) j.
  10. Joshinthecity

    CC vs. drifting in gear vs. out of gear

    you're using more fuel with the clutch in, (coasting) than leaving it in gear. j.
  11. Joshinthecity

    Looking for a spoiler

    you're 100% correct re resale, and I know about this stuff. Whatever the spoiler cost would go a good way to a quality chip, which would actually improve everything about driving the car. Each to their own though I guess. I'll take function over form anyday. J.
  12. Joshinthecity

    Looking for a spoiler

    here's an alternative. Don't put one on... I just don't get it, not on a Jetta...:rolleyes: good luck with it. j.
  13. Joshinthecity

    Our new Jetta

    nice one. Congrats. j.
  14. Joshinthecity

    Any one elses MPG Dropping??

    I see... so it's not so much the weather, but the change of fuel you guys have for the seasons. Gotcha. J.
  15. Joshinthecity

    Any one elses MPG Dropping??

    The hotter the better DR? I was under the impression that colder (denser) air was better. Can you tell me more? Thanks, Josh.
  16. Joshinthecity

    wiper fluid smell

    completely normal. We consider it "character" J.
  17. Joshinthecity

    Close call last night-

    I wrote-off my 05 Nissan 200sx trying to dodge a kangaroo. Insurance paid-out no problems..:D Josh.
  18. Joshinthecity

    pulled over for illegal tint, anyone? i'm in Maryland

    mine are way darker than that. HOWEVER. consider that while the cops may leave you alone, your insurer could. COULD. deny a claim, claiming you had reduced visability... Josh.