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    Mk4 Wagon tail light options?

    You don't need to get different head light housings to put rear fogs in the wagon. The ECE turn signal bay is blank on US lights (corresponds to amber section on e-codes). You can use a drill hole to in the tail light housing. The bulb holder will accept a bulb, you just need to do a pin swap...
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Enabled "unlock all door when key removed from ignition" on my 02 wagon with VAG-COM today. Why didn't I do this sooner? Now if I could just get my hands on VDS-Pro to perform CCM mod on my MKIV wagon to unlock rear hatch when unlocking doors.
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    2001 ALH intermittent hard cold start and lifter noise

    Have one ALH with the same intermittent hard start issue as described. Staying tuned for updates.
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    Stiff Brakes

    Before you replace your vacuum pump I would replace all of the vacuum hose segments, if these have never been replaced. I recently worked on a car that was had intermittent brake stiffness, power loss, and a high flow EGR code all around the same time. The vacuum line to the turbo actuator had...
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    FEELER: Golf IV/Jetta IV WAGON mud flaps

    Did you ever get some photos of these posted on your silver wagon? I was thinking of getting a pair for my lifted 02 silver wagon. I would like to see how they look but more importantly here what your thoughts are on function.
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    WTB: (or borrow or rent) Rear axle beam tool

    If anyone has a davebugs rear axle beam tool (or equivalent) for sale or is willing to lend, please let me know by PM or text 218-428-5743. Thank you.
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    Traction Control(ASR) Need a Ginnie pig

    I've done this upgrade in a few cars, but now want to do it to a 2002 Jetta Wagon. I do not really care for the ASR feature but find EDL essential. Since the EDL portion is controlled by the ABS unit I was thinking that EDL might work without upgrading the ECU to an '03. Can anyone weigh in...
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    WTB: A4 Rear Axle Beam

    No problem, I plan on rebuilding and refinishing it anyway. Do you know if it is straight? How bad is the rust on it?
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    WTB: A4 Rear Axle Beam

    Looking for a rear axle beam from a MKIV Jetta or Golf. Hoping to not ship. I am located in Madison, WI.
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    '14 JSW loose rear window

    My parent bought a 2014 JSW. I noticed that there is a rattling sound while driving which sounds like something hard rattling against the window. After carefully listening for one of the rear seats it now sounds like one of the rear windows is loose. This is the rear window (between the C and...
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Finally cleaned the oil cooler and replaced gaskets on my 01 jetta at 256k mi. a slight amount of oil had collected on the oil cooler over the last couple years.
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    Water pump made it to 98K miles

    Strange...I just posted over in the MKIV-A4 Discussion board about my water pump failing at ~98K miles, as well.
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    Leaking/Failed Water Pump

    I watched the dummy gauge for those final 5 miles, and checked the coolant temp with VCDS when I got home. As best I can tell the coolant temp never went above the normal range.
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    Leaking/Failed Water Pump

    I was driving home from a weekend at the cabin in my 01 Jetta with 255K miles and 5 miles from home my coolant light came on. Usually a coolant light doesn't worry me too much on a high mileage car (thermostat housing, hard coolant pipe, various aging gaskets), but my experience is that when...
  15. Coolant spray

    Coolant spray

    coolant spray on inner timing belt cover from failed water pump
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    Gauging interest on light bars for MKIV platform. Please give me feedback!

    Joe, have you check to see where the upper mounts will hit (need to be cut) on a Jetta grill since the Jetta and Golf have different grills? Also, I like others' suggestions about bending the the lower portion to follow the curvature of the bumper more. Time to play with the:
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    Clunk in front end

    Did you replace sway bar end links as well? I didn't see that on your list.
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    Impressions of the GLI / Audi TT brake upgrade kit for MKIVs?

    +1 I like the VR6/1.8T front brake upgrade with performance pads. Plenty of stop power but able to retain 16" wheels and some 15" OEM wheels (I use 15" Avus wheels for winter set-up). Also better sliding mechanism (no more filing corrosion off the spindles pad guides!). The rear GLI/337 rear...
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    What did you do to your car today?

    • Installed new Mk20 ABS pump with ASR/EDL. Bled ABS pump, brakes and clutch. Road test to check EDL and ASR function (works well on gravel!) and test ABS function before immediately driving 460 miles. It was good that I did a thorough road test because I ended up slamming on the brakes while...