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    WTB MK4 Jetta drivers side headlight assembly

    Steve, Good to hear from you and thanks for the offer. I was able to repair the damage and keep the old girl from going blind and pass state inspection which is due soon:)
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    turbo whistle vnt17

    My BEW has a VNT 17 and it whistles all the time. Stock exhaust, no apparent loss in power. I suspect a leak somewhere but have been too lazy to investigate
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    WTB MK4 Jetta drivers side headlight assembly

    Good news; I was able to solder and shrink wrap the chewed wires and all is working again.
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    WTB MK4 Jetta drivers side headlight assembly

    Mice destroyed the wiring iand while I will try to repair it, I may need a replacement.
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    How does this sound for a 2014 JSW

    Thanks for the comps. I have not considered buying another TDI but I saw the ad and thought I would check it out.
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    How does this sound for a 2014 JSW

    I have been an ALH and BEW owner for 16 years and am knowledgeable about them but am completely at sea with the newer cars. Saw this ad: 2014 Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen TDI 4dr Wagon (2.0L 4cyl Turbodiesel 6M) Mileage: 66,056 Very clean $12k USD. Have not seen it in person but looks great in...
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    F.S.- MK 4 Wagon Cargo cover in Vermont - $35

    Rear cargo cover from 2004 MK 4 VW Jetta wagon. Works, has some stains Must pick up Can't post pics
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    vw cover2.jpg

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    vw cover1.jpg

  10. vw parts

    vw parts

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    Upgrading from ALH to BEW

    I sold my last ALH and replaced it with an 04 Jetta BEW with 270k miles on it and other than routine maintenance it has been a stellar car.
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Replaced the dead motor in the in tank fuel pump after the original finally died in my folks driveway @ 28x,xxx miles, not too shabby:)
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    PD lift pump motor only replacement

    I also had a hard time with the new hose, but because I could not get it to seat over the last barb on the nipple, I did use a clamp; I don't want to go back in again once more let alone twice:D
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    PD lift pump motor only replacement

    I was trying to avoid cutting the hose to get the pump to separate but it must be done and then everything just slides apart.
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    No start

    Fixed So, after an afternoon of futzing with the darn pump trying to disassemble it without breaking anything, I able to remove the old motor and install the new one. Cycled the key a few times and it fired up. And unlike the old motor, the new one runs for a second or so every time the key is...
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    PD lift pump motor only replacement

    Hey Andy, I got as far as having the top of the pump separated from the base with the supply hose loose from the top but it still won't come completely apart so I can access the motor. It will pull up a bit but it still feels attached to something in the canister. What else is holding the...
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    No start

    Could I use a DVM set to volts instead of a headlight?