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    1988 VW LT diesel fire truck firetruck fire engine

    Ah, not on US soil. Either I missed it on the CL ad, or seller was trying to drum up potential leads prior to its arrival.
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    1988 VW LT diesel fire truck firetruck fire engine

    I noticed that when I read the ad initially.
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    1988 VW LT diesel fire truck firetruck fire engine

    Not mine, spotted on Tampa Craigslist: 1988 VW LT diesel fire truck firetruck fire engine - $14999 (pinellas park) European fire truck,never been on the usa market,6 cylinder diesel made by Volvo,5...
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    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    Replaced right rear window regulator. Rather do 4 rear regulators than do one front!
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    WTB GQ or JB ECU for 96 B4

    WTB GQ, FA or JB ECU for 96 B4 Passat Need to replace my BK computer. Looking for 028906021GQ computer for a 96 Passat. Willing to consider a JB from the A3 chassis if the price is right. I was informed that the FA would also work. I have a set of RC Stage II from my previous car, so this...
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    '96 Passat TDI part-out

    Any chance you have a GQ computer that you're willing to part with?
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    AHU / 1Z, turbo, injectors, intake, etc.

    Any chance that you have a GQ computer for sale?
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    fs: 97 passat wagon tdi 1500 obo

    Contacted seller, got back to me on Sunday.... Sold, as expected
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    Interesting craigslist find

    Well Jeff, these days I have one foot in FL and one in the DC Metro area. Long story short is that I was looking for a winter beater to save my pristine 300D Turbo from the winter salt and searched every craigslist for VW Diesel from Syracuse to South Carolina and boom, there it was.
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    Interesting craigslist find

    I have no interest in this add, I just thought it was cool. Not a tdi, but close :D harrisburg craigslist > for sale / wanted > cars & trucks - by owner please flag with care...
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    1998 Jetta Tdi $2900

    Thought I'd pass this along, not connected with the sale.
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    1999 Dodge Dually, Cummins Turbo Diesel 3500 - $16750 46K miles

    Wow!, 25k is a big hit. Too bad someone got ahead on your dime (2.5 dimes that is). Tough markets for diesel trucks, overall. Even the one's that are not beat on are taking a hit. Better luck next time.
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    High Mileage A4 Jetta Wagon

    Thanks for giving the club more info on your sale. I apologize for getting the mileage wrong. Typically, an ad for a car with such high mileage comes from someone with no knowledge of the car and hence the reason for mileage sounded 'typical'. Any further information on the car, such as length...
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    High Mileage A4 Jetta Wagon

    Should have posted this a couple of weeks ago, 'cause now the add has changed. Thought you guys might get a kick out of this one. Original text read 392k miles and was asking $8500 obo...
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    Pasco Florida Bug Jam Nov. 9 08

    Curses! Missed it again, fourth year in a row.
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    Central Florida TDI Sun Nov 16,2008 GTG in Ocala

    Thanks to Chris, his wife and the crew to opening their home, garage and engine compartments to a former TDI owner.
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    FS 96 B4V Peal Red 190K miles $5,500

    Congrats on the purchase.
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    FS 96 B4V Peal Red 190K miles $5,500

    Thanks for the pictures. Rust does not look too bad. I am familiar with the Green Diamonds from my days in NY, and have worked on my B4's A/C before. I am going to work on my wife this weekend. She knows how much I miss my B4 and a B4 variant would make my year!!! Ps, love the Bra... fooled me :D
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    FS 96 B4V Peal Red 190K miles $5,500

    Do you have any pictures, especially detailing the rust?