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    hALp! need to "unfix" my 2010 Q7

    The biggest problem with the "fix" on the Q7s in my opinion is the lag in transmission response. It's especially horrible if you have to accelerate right after coasting briefly (such as exiting a four leaf clover in heavy but moving traffic). I believe the 2010 is a 6sp ZF so there might a TCM...
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    Manual swap basics

    You have 3 main options for manual swaps: 1. 5sp 012 (b5 audi/vw) such as DUK, DVZ, EEN, FHN, GGB. As has already been mentioned, this is typically the easiest and lowest cost path. The Levi Jefferies YouTube video is this path. It's also in some threads here but in bits and pieces. 2...
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    Manual swap basics

    Question #1. If you're planning on sourcing parts locally, it's easiest to just find a 04 or 05 Passat manual and take the brake pedal, clutch pedal, and pivot pin. If there are good clutch safety (black small box with pigtail above clutch pedal) and cruise (larger blue switch in front of the...
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    '16 A7 fuel gauge issue

    So, the fuel gauge went crazy again, but then miraculously fixed itself again. Approaching the end of the extended warranty, but don't know if I have the time, patience, and constitution to try to get the dealer to fix it.
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    '16 A7 fuel gauge issue

    Yes I'm still under the extended warranty. However, the next day after the posting above the warnings went away and have not returned since. So, I'm just waiting to see how things go.
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    Ultimate Daily Driver: 4Motion TDI B5.5 Wagon 6MT

    I believe the compressor stays engaged whenever it is called for unless a safety holds it off. The compressor has an unloader that varys its displacement and consequently is capacity. I'll check the manual later today or tomorrow.
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    '16 A7 fuel gauge issue

    Guess I spoke too soon. Today when I got in the gauge showed absolutely empty, 0 range, and all kinds of add fuel immediately warnings. This was with only 300 miles on a full tank. When I parked yesterday there was at least 1/4 of a tank. I knew there was fuel in it so I headed to work...
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    2nd V6 TDI - opposites attract?

    Since I have a Q7 and an A7 I have to ask what you used to lift the Cayenne and lower the A7.
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    Intermittent rough idle in neutral after cruise.

    You probably won't get much help here as it doesn't sound like you are talking about a 2004 - 2005 VW Passat TDI. What vehicle are you dealing with.
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    Bhw issues after cam replacement

    Considering all the info you have posted, I'd check the piston height of each cylinder when I had the head off.
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    Ultimate Daily Driver: 4Motion TDI B5.5 Wagon 6MT

    Clutch engagement or disengagement issue? The following might apply if the clutch pedal seems soft and doesn't disengage the clutch. Did you happen to bleed the clutch system with the front end significantly higher than the rear? The bleeder on the slave cylinder is at the rear of the...
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    BHW Turbo Upgrade

    I am satisfied with the X-man GT1756, but if I were to do it again, had more time to work on it, and didn't have to worry about e-checks, I would try to use a more modern turbo like a GTD####vrk series, or I would go with the GT1752. My decision to use the plug and play GT series options was...
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    WTB '04 or '05 Passat front body parts.

    Hood, front fenders, bumper cover, license plate holder, grille and grille support. Paint code LD7W Silverstone Grey. Will pick up within 350 miles of DC.
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    Production code sticker in Owner's Manual
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    Production code sticker location.
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    Bhw issues after cam replacement

    It should be in the logs folder wherever VCDS was installed. If you have logged the same groups previously, it will append the new log to the end of the previous file.
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    Head Unit or Amp

    +1 I have not looked much at the Radio in VCDS as mine has been Maybe try connecting to the radio with VCDS when it's locked up, or first then turn it up until it locks up. You might also try searching over at PassatWorld as the radio is not specific to TDI.
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    BHW Injector Install Issue

    It looks like there's something in the hold-down bolt hole. Maybe the bolts are bottoming out before the injector is tight.
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    BHW Injector Install Issue

    Do the copper rings look like they were slightly compressed. They are what seal compression. They are supplied somewhat soft and compress when the injector hold down bolt is torqued. This usually also work hardens them slightly so they hold the seal. If the don't show evidence like the old...
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    BHW Injector Install Issue

    Injector hold down bolts torqued to 12 Nm plus an additional 270 deg. (3/4 of a turn)?