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    Lift Kits for your MK4 Golf/Jetta/New Beetle

    Our lift kits can add essential clearance between your car's engine/body and the road debris we are all dodging lately. - Top photo: A wagon before lift. Bottom photo: Same wagon after 2 inch lift. - Here is a 2 inch lift kit on a New Beetle: 2 inch kits are still only $200+ shipping (after...
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    Cold start issue on ALH

    Is 8 oz of Power Service enough?
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    Cold start issue on ALH

    Thanks Scotty. There appeared to be no bubbles in the clear fuel line when I was fiddling with it all. When it eventually fired up, I quickly drove it into the garage just in case it would quit on me. I did not check for bubbles when running. Then I drove it around the block. I replaced the...
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    Cold start issue on ALH

    Hi Andy, Thanks for the input. Thinking about that vacuum, I do seem to recall slight inrush of air into the filter when I pulled the Thermo T. I am not sure if that was just siphon action back to the tank or a vacuum lock. If the Thermo T was stuck open, it would grab more wax from the tank...
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    Cold start issue on ALH

    Update I let the battery charge for about 2 hours and just went out to try it. After some extended faster cranking, it sputtered one cylinder at first eventually fired up! It seemed like I needed to prime the pump. No white smoke. Burned clean (so I am thinking glow plugs are OK but was not...
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    Cold start issue on ALH

    Hello All. I wonder if you have any suggestions on this one. I have a high mileage 2001 ALH (5 speed). It got down to 0F last night and the car was outside and I wanted to test start it at those temps and preheat it a little for my daughter. It is driven daily. I have 8 oz Power Service when...
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    Lowest Price of the year on Metalnerd Wheel Bearing Puller

    We hope you had a great Thanksgiving folks. We have dropped the prices on the Front Wheel Bearing Puller to $249+ shipping. (Shipping across the USA adds $13.60). Front Wheel Bearing Puller Set - CLEARANCE SubH MNFWBP - Front Wheel Bearing Puller Set SKU: MNFWBP $249.00 Available here...
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    Special Fall Offer for Tdiclub Members

    In time for your fall maintenance, we are offering $5 OFF SHIPPING or a free gift with every order of $25 or more until Friday the 27th! Expires Midnight, EST on 10/27/17. Visit us at Just let us know your choice in the comments block on the payment page: $5 off shipping...
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    Special offer for TDIClub Members

    To celebrate our New Website...we are offering $5 OFF SHIPPING or a free gift with every order of $25 or more in products until Sept 15. Just let us know your choice in the comments block on the payment page: $5 off shipping OR an M14 Magnetic Oil Drain Plug Kit OR an M12...
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    Special Offer for Common Rail Techs

    We have a special clearance item for shops that work on Common Rail TDIs Tool T40094A Scratch-N-Dent Sale (Only 1 unit available at this price) $385+ Shipping The T40094A includes 3 groups of tools that are used together to set the camshaft into the head assemblies (T40094, T40095 and T40096)...
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    CLEARANCE items at

    Hi Folks, We have 2 items on clearance at Quantities are very limited. Clearance Part MNFWBP - Front Wheel Bearing Puller Set These US-made, heavy-duty front wheel bearing puller sets were made for the rental market a while back. We made some extras and to sell. All components...
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    Special Clearance Sale on Pre-TDI Dial Indicator Tool

    Hi Folks, We have a special deal going on for those who have pre-TDI VW/Audi diesels and turbodiesels. The price will automatically be adjusted from the $99 on the web page to $55 + Shipping in the shopping cart. A limited number are available at this price. Part 2066 - Diesel Pump Dial Timing...
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    NEW Crank Counterhold Tool at

    We WILL be auctioning one off at the TDI Fest this year!
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    NEW Crank Counterhold Tool at

    Planning a Front Main Seal Replacement? Consider our Tool MNKICK-4CYL – Aluminum Economy Grade 4cyl Crank Counterhold This thick aluminum bar provides the rigid counterhold needed for safe removal and installation of the crank sprocket center bolt. Tool should fit all 4 cylinder water-cooled...
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    New Tools at

    For those of you with pre-TDI cars in your fleet, we now have some dial indicator timing tools in stock. Part 2066 - Diesel Pump Dial Timing Tool (up to 1995, non-TDI) Found here:
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    New Tools at

    Hello Folks. Long time since last post. A few new items you might be interested in. Economy CV Boot Crimp Pliers MNCRPL: Found here: BRM Rear Main Seal Installer Tool T10134...
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    Wanted: Field Test for CKRA TB Tool

    I am working on a new Metalnerd brand crank lock for the CKRA engine used in the 2012+ NMS Passat in North America. I am looking for a Pro, Semi-Pro or experienced Shade Tree mechanic that will being doing a timing belt replacement in the near future on this engine that can check fit-up of a...
  18. M - Featuring Metalnerd tools

    Canadian Full-Service Tool Distributor To all my Canadian Friends, Here is your chance to support our new partner in Canada. Faster shipping than we can provide from the USA. :D They are the real deal, dedicated to stocking as much variety as possible for your convenience. Thanks Chuck
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    NEW PD Injector Pullers

    If you are looking at the slide hammers and don't see the new stuff, hit the refresh button or F5 to see the latest slide hammers. Thanks Chuck
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    NEW PD Injector Pullers

    We now make and stock an Injector Slide Hammer for PD injectors. Our MN18PD is an 18" slide hammer with a heat treated alloy steel hook grabs under the PD injector for safe extraction. If you already own our original Injector Slide Hammer for threaded- top injectors, you can by the hook head...