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  1. tdidieselbobny

    West Michigan Fall TDI GTG - Oct. 14, 2023

    Have to see what my work schedule is closer to event. Should be on days in October. It would be nice to make it to this GTG once, last GTG I went to was pre-Covid at the H05G in January 2020...
  2. tdidieselbobny

    Fuel Tank Capacity?

    Some pump handles are very touchy, trick is to let up very slowly on handle so that it can slowly trickle in. I usually fill somewhat slow, then when it clicks off, I do that a few more times,then trickle it in.
  3. tdidieselbobny

    Turbo inlet pipe need help finding one

    Not many 1Z/AHU motor cars left anymore, so parts getting even more difficult to get. I remember that flange breaking on my 98 Jetta and I believe I fixed it with JBWeld. Can't remember if it happened on my 97 Passat or not...
  4. tdidieselbobny

    Ad blue tank

    Curious to what code or what were symptoms of pump failure?
  5. tdidieselbobny

    Three Minor Observations on my Golf

    Those window deflectors-you're ok if you only have window open a little, but if you open it when you're at a drive thru and it's raining, it falls right into your interior on the switches, same thing if there is snow or ice buildup. Other than that they are good and have held up well so far. You...
  6. tdidieselbobny

    Passenger side seat bottom seat belt sensor has become super sensitive-what gives???

    The other day I had my cell phone sitting on the passenger side seat. After a bit I heard the ding ding and the red seat belt light came on. I moved the phone and it went away. I always set my lunch bag on that seat when I go to work since I bought car, or my phone sets there . After I moved...
  7. tdidieselbobny

    Leaking Rear Washer Bulletin

    I replaced the nozzle itself once because I think I broke it when cleaning ice off rear window. I think it was a dribbler, I bought the whole light assembly and replaced it a few years ago. It just started leaking again a couple weeks ago :mad: :mad: :mad: . Guess I'll have to look at that...
  8. tdidieselbobny

    Is the Battery Strong Enough?

    I've had more batteries fail in the summer due to the heat over the years. You can use an H6 battery. I got one from Walmart, Autozone and Advance are crazy high for batteries. My son had bad luck with the Advance batteries. You can also get one from dealer. 330CCA seems awfully low for a...
  9. tdidieselbobny

    Engine Hiccup

    They replaced the #2 injector under warranty and so far so good almost a month now.
  10. tdidieselbobny

    New Sportswagen Owner, Two Questions

    I always take the extra couple minutes to top off right to edge of filler neck. It's a PITA, I have the nozzle just inside the edge of the neck, and trigger control on nozzle is the key. If you've got a trigger with a lot of tension on it, it's tough to get it so fuel just trickles out of pump...
  11. tdidieselbobny

    Alternator Pulley

    Mines been damp with oil for well over year now in that passenger rear corner. Dealer tried telling me it's residual from when filter is changed-NOT. I also took the plastic cover off oil pan to make sure it wasn't migrating from that somehow.
  12. tdidieselbobny

    Yep, a VW is a VW no matter where you live.

    It's a good thing she actually was able to drive the car any distance with oil coming out like that. Good thing it didn't reach empty before she got to you. I'd recommend that she try to get her money back from the botched oil pan gasket job....
  13. tdidieselbobny

    Yep, a VW is a VW no matter where you live.

    How about a bow and arrow?? You think they'd make something the deer don't like taste or smell of and you could spread that around her flowers...
  14. tdidieselbobny

    2015 GSW Silk Blue "Dirty" Diesel w/DSG.....

    Well, time does fly. 6 years ago today I took delivery. 108,080 miles now. 55.1 mpg best tank, 44.2 lifetime avg. , 48.7 last tank. Pretty much trouble free except past few months, crank position sensor was replaced , continued to have problem and #2 injector replaced. So far so good, Allstate...
  15. tdidieselbobny

    Timing Belt Cost

    Keith was also a trusted mechanic here IIRC....
  16. tdidieselbobny

    Need to Replace Rear Coil Springs

    Where did you get replacements from? Did you do shocks and struts front and rear?
  17. tdidieselbobny

    Need to Replace Rear Coil Springs

    Wondering if they already had been replaced under recall then...
  18. tdidieselbobny

    Alternator Pulley

    Did you change that plastic flange that has a seal? I guess that's a common oil leak point and it's done with timing belt....
  19. tdidieselbobny

    SOLD : 01 Jetta TDI MK4 manual - Rochester, NY

    When was timing belt/water pump done last and by whom? Keep telling my youngest to get a second vehicle. I'll let him know about this one... is this still stock and have the egr still?