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    2016, January 30 GTG at DanG144's Chapin, SC

    Although I don't have a TDI any more, I may still make the trip to see some old faces
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    Appalachian Diesel Works Fall 2013 GTG

    I had hoped my Q7 would be ready for pickup this week so I could pop in. Unfortunately, I won't pick it up until Monday morning :(
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    Ga GTG April 27th, east of Atl on 1-20

    Sadly I'm going to have to withdraw. I'm in Canada on a business trip and won't be back in the states until late on 4/27. Maybe next time
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    Middle Tennessee G2G March 30, 2013

    I missed Dan's last GTG - so I'm now 100% in on this GTG I'd be up for bringing drinks or anything else needed - just shoot me a PM with a list
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    I was allowed to take a tour of Volkswagen Chattanooga yesterday.

    I can positively guarantee you that RFID is not used in the Chattanooga plant. The electric green body is for showing process areas associated with high cost. The car can be configured to go down any assembly shop line with areas of the car notated. I do have photo clearance but I'd rather not...
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    I was allowed to take a tour of Volkswagen Chattanooga yesterday.

    Sadly, you were a little mislead on three points by our wonderful tour guide... Every car is not ran through the test track, located in the east side of the plant and running under the pedestrian bridge. The track is approximately one mile long and the vehicle only reaches 80 MPH. There is a...
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    Middle Tennessee G2G March 30, 2013

    I should be able to make this one. Thats if you guys will have me... I'll be out of my 2012 Golf TDI by then and in an S4.
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    GTG Chapin, SC Jan 26, 2013

    Looks like I'll still have my 2012 Golf TDI and I've put in for time off to attend The Golf will be going away in March though... replacing it with a 2013 S6 :D
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    GTG Chapin, SC Jan 26, 2013

    Not sure if I'll still have a TDI in January. I'm trying to sell my ALH and I'll swap out my 2012 soon. The only thing I can swap it out for TDI wise right now is a Jetta :rolleyes:
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    2013 Passat built in Germany?

    If you PM me your VIN I can see what the order status is. Sounds like they're waiting on delivery from the factory.
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    Tennessee Member Sound-off

    Chattanooga here
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    2012 tdi passat order

    Here is the status of your vehicle. It has not been built yet, an explanation of the fields: PVP Order Entry: Order placed Release to manufacturing: Plant has order queued Factory inspected CP8: Car is complete and passed final inspection Ship loaded: Loaded on rail/truck Port arrived: At final...
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    Very thin paint on Passats?

    The paint process does not include any primer. The bare metal goes through a process called ecoat and is then painted. The vehicle does receive multiple paint coats. Next time I'm in the paint shop, I'll ask how many coatings
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    100,000 Passat

    Do you have the commission number or VIN? I can look up the status for you
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    100,000 Passat

    The land clearing is related to the setup of the solar farm, the road connection is to help with our traffic egress/ingress situation. You can always count on the media to misreport. I don't work on the production line but I agree the production workers are doing an amazing job.
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    100,000 Passat

    I thought I would share some of the good news related to the Passat: I happened to be in the paint shop when it went through being painted. I ran up to the booth viewing area to watch - pretty neat experience :o
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    Order tracking

    If you have your commission number, I may be able to track it for you. I've not tried to track an order other than my own so it may not work but I can give it a shot for you.
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    Passat Variant

    Yea, you can say that again. I drove one around the plant on Thursday, xenon LED headlights, nicer rims, rear climate control... just a few of the extra goodies. Depressing that none of those will be offered here :(
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    Tornados hit Chatanooga

    They're being offered through our employee leasing benefit. Unfortunately its only available to employees and immediate family members. I just received my Jetta last month, really wish I could trade it in early for a Passat :-(
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    Tornados hit Chatanooga

    They will not be crushed, the hail damaged cars are being repaired and offered to employees through our employee lease benefit