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  1. relumalutan

    BKD coolant leak

    You are not going to find any coolant on the ground. I have a BRM and this is the story: The coolnat flange is located on the driver side of the engine block. It has orange gasket which in time becoems britle and begins to leak. It will leak only when the coolant reaches the operating...
  2. relumalutan

    EGR delete differences

    Keep the ASV. Also deleting the EGR cooler will cause a delay in the coolant reaching the normal operating temperature. Might want to take that into consideration if you live in a state with harsh winters.
  3. relumalutan

    BKD coolant leak

    THIS. Do you see any coolant on the ground?
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    Do you also have an airbag error in the instrument panel?
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    Perhaps the ESP fuse is burnt?
  6. relumalutan

    2006 brm

    I live in SE-MI, I have a BRM, and I can give you some information., and lend you some tools. I also have VCDS. Send me a message and we'll take it from there.
  7. relumalutan

    06 Jetta Codes just showed up after other work?

    Probably when you replaced the radiator you migth have messed something up on the fans assenbly? With the car parked, engine running, turn on the AC, open the hood and see if both fans are turning.
  8. relumalutan

    For Sale 2006 TDI Jetta $7500.00

    1. Impressive improvement in your sentence structure. 2. Still disappointed that you continue to use i instead of I. 3. You have better chances at winning the Mega Million than selling a 17 year old car with a salvage title and issues for $8k. 4. Pictures of my 06, since you asked for them:
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  12. Jetta 06

    Jetta 06

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  14. relumalutan

    For Sale 2006 TDI Jetta $7500.00

    Not trying to rain on your parade, but: 1. Is this a troll posting? 2. No structure in the post, it sounds like a rant. 3. No use of paragraphs, also you do not seem to understand the proper use of "I". 4. Making your own windshield fluid because it's expensive? I thought it's about $2-$3 for a...
  15. relumalutan

    Colt cam vs franko6 cams

    Frank does have the modified bearings that are supposed to better lubricate the cam. I have installed his cam kit in my BRM in 2014 when the car had 145k miles. It still goes strong 9 years later at 307k miles. Also, he is very helpful and provides a lot of information.
  16. relumalutan

    Radio safe code

    Go to the VW dealership, show them proof of ownership, they will probably give you the radio code.
  17. relumalutan

    splash shield, aka noise insulation, fastners
  18. relumalutan

    2006 AC ISSUE

    Yes, 2003's have a clutch
  19. relumalutan

    06 jetta aftermarket stereo

    I agree. I have a RCD330 in my 06 and it its an OEM fit and look (canbus module upgrade is needed to avoid battery drain). Buy it from aliexpress, it's cheaper...
  20. relumalutan

    2006 AC ISSUE

    Check the pictures on these threads to see the location of the sensor: Sensor with harness...