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    Need a Guru-GA/SC/NC

    Hi, We are up in Leicester, NC and have specialized in VW TDI repair. For over 9 years. Give my son Daniel a call at Appalachian Diesel Works, LLC. We also have an excellent TDI head repair shop available to us. Daniel's number is 828-273-8951. His forum name is DGTDI. Landon
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    GTG Chapin, SC January 25, 2014

    MK4 GLI or GTI Front Springs If anyone has a set of MK4, GLI or GTI front springs, I would like to buy them. I will of course be at the GTG. Shipped from others is fine too.:) TurbineWhine
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    HELP! Guru needed for sick A4 in Maine

    When you start the engine, watch the actuator with a mirror and flashlight. Make sure it moves quickly to the full stop position. Is the smoke black or is it blue? Get one of the auto parts stores to read the codes for you and post up the results. That would be a big help to all of us trying...
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    Appalachian Diesel Works Fall 2013 GTG

    Also, someone left a nice RealTree Lawn Chair out by the firepit. Let us know who it belongs to and we will try to get it back to you. Landon
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    Appalachian Diesel Works Fall 2013 GTG

    Thanks to all who came. We had a great time. It was great to see old friends and to meet new. We really appreciate all the wives and ladies that came this time and helped out so much with the prepartions. That really was a big help to Karen and she is very appreciative. It does appear that we...
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    turbo impeller deformation

    The turbo is junk. The bearing is gone. Replace the turbo now and save yoursef a lot of agony. So far the turbo has not totally puked. That is a good thing. It is not long for this world. Change it now before you are into a head job. I suggest the Garrett 17-22 from Killer...
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    Appalachian Diesel Works GTG Oct 20 AVL, NC

    That is a friend of mine that I worked with for about 4 years. We have worked on his car many times and the car is stone stock. The last work was a TB replacement and he is getting 50+mpg consistently since he has owned the car. He is a really good friend and a TDI nut; married to a wonderful...
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    Appalachian Diesel Works GTG Oct 20 AVL, NC

    Bring the pickup TDI conversion!!!:D I and many others would really like to see that. I happen to have a spare ALH engine. Hope to see you here. Landon
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    Appalachian Diesel Works GTG Oct 20 AVL, NC

    As Bruce has said we or he can do the nozzles. We have an injector Pop Tester and can swap the nozzles around and existing washers around to get them balanced faily well. Usually that process can get them really close. As for the TB change, Daniel and I will not be taking that on. We swore...
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    Appalachian Diesel Works GTG Oct 20 AVL, NC

    Hi John, From experience building and selling short shift kits, having them on my cars and finding out the effects, I recommend against them. The shift tower bearings don't handle short shifters very well and the synchronizers don't like them either. They simply lead to early failure of...
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    Can not retract rear caliper!

    Where did you find that caliper assembly:eek:, the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean? What is all that corrosion/debris on it from? TW
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    Prevent engine runaway with the strap on mod?

    That is the function of a properly functioning anti-shudder valve in the EGR. Having said that, I have a race pipe;). Brakes and gears will work for the manual transmissions. Its only a problem for the automatics. Basically, by the time you get an automatic stopped, the hood open and enough...
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    Is VAG-COM required for clearing flashing glow plug indicator?

    Yes a defective or in your case, a likely welded shut set of contacts, on the brake light switch will cause the glow plug light to flash. Replace the brake light switch. Use the brake light wire to activate a seperate 30A fused relay to power your trailer brakes with. You should not have to...
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    GTG Winnsboro SC Saturday July 14

    Hi Dan, Daniel and I will be tbere. We will get into your place Friday afternoon early to help you get stuff packed for Joe's. I hope we can do the pre-event social that evening at your place as usual. We have our own accommodations covered this year. If you need us to do any special prep...
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    ual nass flywheel interchangability

    I have a 14 lb lightened SMF in my ALH. Its fine except it makes way too much noise at idle in neutral with the clutch out. The stock 21 lb SMF flywheels are much quieter. SMF's will never be as quiet as the DMF's. I have not seen any performance issues out of the SMF's. TW
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    ual nass flywheel interchangability

    Not sure but I feel they would be. Why, do you have a spare from a PD engine? If I were you, I would replace it with a SMF of a stock weight. Dont' go down the lightened flywheel road. Simply too much noise in a lightened SMF flywheel. TW
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    The smell of diesel

    Yes, I have noticed that as well and I don't like the smell of the new stuff. It is a much sharper, pungent smell to me. The old Diesel smelled much different. The new stuff in a container is really hard to identify with the old "odor maps" that are in my brain. TW
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    Timing belt tensioner alignment

    You have several vehicals listed in your sig. Which one are you working on? Also, the tensioner is to be tensioned in a clockwise direction not counter-clockwise. That is probably the root of your issues. Basically, you have tensioned the system incorrectly. I have seen that before and some...
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    Do I need to replace the starter?

    I would simply make sure to thoroughly inspect the cam and lifters at the next TB service and you could also inspect the turbo at that time. You could also inspect it now if really inquisitive. Basically, once the turbo gets to a point that you can tell its in trouble, its a steep slope to...
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    Do I need to replace the starter?

    I would have to ask, is it a manual or an automatic? The manuals tend to die earlier due to clutch dust. They begin to bind up and don't release when you let off the starter, resulting in a loud squeal after the engine is running. Mine own car is doing this now and I am just ignoring it for...