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  1. Dakota2004

    Test Sig

    Test Fuelly
  2. Dakota2004

    did the previous owner smash the oil pan and fix it??? (pics)

    Looks like a stick on oil heater to me. I see the impression of the heater and looks like the cord came out the end.
  3. Dakota2004

    What parts to replace for 01M R&R?

    When I replaced my 01M in 2006 per the Bentley manual I replaced the following: Ball joint to control arm N 101 277 06 (3 each) Transmission mount N 102 096 03 (2 each) Transmission support N 905 970 01 (2 each) N 907 076 01 (1 each) Pendulum mount to body N 102 683 02 (2 each) Pendulum...
  4. Dakota2004

    What is the weight of a 01M FDB transmission

    Your welcome!
  5. Dakota2004

    ALH Garage Cleanout - Pic Heavy

    Can you give me a price on the plastic air dam that goes in front of the intercooler and the right front bumper lower grill ship to 58750? Thanks,
  6. Dakota2004

    2002 Jetta TDI GLS Part Out - Michigan 48169

    PM sent for "Front bumper passenger side grill insert: $5"
  7. Dakota2004

    Beige Seats and Armrest

    PM Sent for armrest.
  8. Dakota2004

    Another 01M question

    I did not get a CEL when mine went out but I only lost reverse.
  9. Dakota2004

    2003 Jetta OEM Injectors Used 23k miles

    PM/Email sent on belly pan and side braces
  10. Dakota2004

    Parting 2002 5sp ALH engine - tensioner failure

    PM Sent - I'll take the intake.
  11. Dakota2004

    Diesel up $.10 over night. Why doesn't RUG change?

    Diesel hit $4 bucks a gallon yesterday in Minot North Dakota. RUL is hanging in at $3.14
  12. Dakota2004

    Need Timing Belt Replacement in North Dakota

    Don’t worry about it I have found a guru to change my belt. I want to thank all of you that offered, it’s great to have a bunch of people willing to help you out.
  13. Dakota2004

    Need Timing Belt Replacement in North Dakota

    DeafBug, can you get ahold me thru PM with a way to contact you? The only thing I will need you for is the TB. I will take care of everything else.
  14. Dakota2004

    Automatic Tran R&R

    Your best bet would be to purchase a Bentley manual if you don’t already have one and follow it, that’s what I did when I swapped out my auto. Here are the correct part numbers for all the stretch bolts needed to replace your automatic transmission. Ball joint to control arm N 101 277 06...
  15. Dakota2004

    Need Timing Belt Replacement in North Dakota

    I found Snowballs cleaning instructions in the "How To" section but did not see yours, can you provide a link?
  16. Dakota2004

    Need Timing Belt Replacement in North Dakota

    Looks like the soonest I can make MN is March 8th. (I know you have commitments that weekend) Then I have commitments the following 2 weekends and then my first free weekend is March 29th. DeafBug will you be available the 29th?