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    VNT17 needs rebuild, exhaust turbine good, compressor wheel broken.

    It looks to me like the turbine is fried. The compressor wheel mounts on the turbine shaft. Part of the turbine shaft is in the street among the scattered bits of the compressor wheel and housing.
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    FS: GoodYear F1 Eagle GS-D3 17" Brand Spanking New Tires

    I have these in 16" on my car. Love the look, love the ride. They have great traction dry and wet- I love hitting puddles and shooting the water over other cars! They also work surprisingly well in the snow even though they are summer tires, go figure. Good luck selling them.
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    Think I killed my ALH, can't turn it by hand

    The snorkle on the NB hangs quite low in the front wheel fender. I love plowing through puddles when I know they are only 6" deep. If I don't know the depth or see it's deeper I turn back and find another route. BTW, I just happened to drive through(around) Providence today and that's the...
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    wtb: VNT17 any condition

    Thanks all for the offers and PMs. I'm really looking for one that has a good turbine shaft so it can be a donor for hybrid experiments.
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    12V/24V DC circulation pump for coolant

    Many high end cars use a coolant pump for the heater core. It boosts heat while idling. My Lexus and Lincoln both use one. A wrecker could set you up cheap, or look at the replacement market.
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    wtb: VNT17 any condition

    Its time for me to play with some turbo mods so I'm looking for VNT17VB to start with. Any condition will be considered, but the shaft has to turn.
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    rotate engine by hand?

    I missed the point about the glow plugs being out. So you have no compression to fight. Fifth gear is easiest to turn over by hand so that part is right. I'm beginning to think Lugnut has a point. The cam timing may be off. Pull the timing belt cover and look for anything abnormal. You might...
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    rotate engine by hand?

    You're good, just need more torque. Ues a tool like Andy says.
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    rotate engine by hand?

    Is the bad IP still in the car with the timing belt in place? If it is, then the engine should turn. If not, the camshaft won't turn with the crankshaft. So your pistons will hit the open valves as you turn the crank. The cam has to turn in time with the crankshaft to keep all clear. It...
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    TDI mechanics on Long Island, NY?

    Welcome Bicoastal. I don't have mechanic recommendations but do have a vag com if the need arises.
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    Help on poor mileage

    Spoolin- I think you said it yourself: "The only thing that has changed has been the tires. I went from the stock Bridgestone's to Michelin Triple Treads back in early November, but the mileage decrease wasn't till the tank after they were put on. " It appears the rolling resistance is much...
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    Stalled (gelled?), towed, now can't start

    My car suffered a gelling issue last week in 15 degree weather (apparently a victim of not enough antigel in B80) - it started and drove fine for 7 miles. A half mile to go to work and it hesitated a bit from fuel starvation but it finished the trip without further symptoms. By the way, the...
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    Underconverted biodiesel and the TDI

    Jonny, I had made underconverted fuel in the past due to weak (just old) lye. It left some greasy stuff that clogged my final filter before putting it in my tank. That filter was a 5 micron and clogged after processing about 30 gallons. Now with well converted fuel, there is no build up in...
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    Any LIers with a VAG-COM?

    Hi Eric welcome. I have a Vag-Com and you are welcome to use it. I have never tried an air bag reset, you are on your own there. Some research is in order. Check your pm.
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    02 Jetta TDI Starts But misses.

    I don't see how cleaning the injectors will fix a hanging valve and low compression. My original post suspected a leaking injector which may have been one of several problems. Re-check your compression and see if cyl 3 is any better.
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    02 Jetta TDI Starts But misses.

    I think it is a bad injector, leaking fuel and letting air back into the line. This part has me concerned: "Engine has reved a little on its own when started a few times in the last week or two." The engine shouldn't have a mind of its own. It can only rev if it has extra fuel, hene the...
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    Anyone on Long Island available to troubleshoot a noise?

    I'm up for it. I think you have my number, if not, pm.
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    WTB Lift pump, spec Stage 2+ Clutch, bosio pp764 nozzels

    I strongly suggest not installing a used clutch. I stopped doing it after finding a bad one the hard way. The pressure plate and disc can be damaged if removed carelessly- and you won't know it until it is installed and you try to drive it. That makes for a bad day. Doing the job a...
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    Beetle and Jetta Same Engine?

    The battery is smaller because the engine compartment is smaller and a larger battery won't fit. Make sure she has the correct battery- that means more than just the right size. Last year I bought a battery from Costco that fit, but had the wrong ratings. The CCA isn't too important, check...