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    Need a Cool White 2002 New Beetle Hood - yea the hood

    Looking for a "cool white" hood for a 2002 New Beetle, to replace original damaged by a big big tree branch falling right on top of it. Please PM thanks!
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    VW Won't Attempt to Regain Diesel Leadership in US; Many TDI Models May Never Return

    Keeping 2002 TDI... Hi All! Sad to hear but not unexpected given small diesels had gone off the market here before... I'm very happy to keep our 2002 New Beetle TDI - only three mayor issues in 15 years, running a blend of bio and petro D: * Replaced leaking fuel pump (right around 2007-8-9...
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    Volkswagen of America: Full speed ahead with diesel! (Autoblog 1/18/10)

    Start sponsoring the TDIclub... VW should start sponsoring this website - partner with tdiclub - and base its TDI marketing for the US on existing loyal customers. Something as simple as hosting TDI gtg's at dealer lots - folks here are knowledgeable, kind, discerning, and would be happy to...
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    Injector Pump Disaster

    Same over here! Hi All...! It's being a while since I've posted... Same over here: 2002 NB TDI, IP lost its prime Oct 09 due to leaking fuel (left puddle), and needed replacement of alternator as well as one cooland hose Dec 09. Other than the non-start on Oct 09, and the alternator going...
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    Ready for EuroDiesels

    Except for one $50k model from Mercedes, diesel cars are *not* presently *available for sale* in the US. In other words, we are describing the prisoner who is talking about all the nice things he/she will do when he comes out, whenever that happens. Most Americans are right now in a low fuel...
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    Driver Magazine: Lucky Rabbit

    Now that car companies are advertising 25-30 hwy mpg cars on TV as "fuel efficient" (and it's 2007!!!), why not make a TV spot with this guy on his 50 mpg 1982 Rabbit. If in addition to that the Rabbit was built in Western Pennsylvania, even more food for thought. But, as others have posted...
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    News on the next Tiguan

    I think for most people, it would be more important to know if it makes at least 40 mpg hwy and if it costs 20K.
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    Diesels set to return to US

    Honestly, everyday I am more and more convinced that the so-called image problem of diesels is not really there, if you are speaking of individuals US car buyers. Ordinary Americans do not buy diesel cars, simply because they are not for sale in the US. For 2007 there is one model for sale, and...
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    VW Reshuffles Product Deck

    The Polo TDI would be a big hit. Too bad they already named the Golf the new Rabbit, because they could have used that name for the Polo. But to sell bigger volume of smaller cars, they do need to address the dealer network in the US. Copy from the success of the Mini: no haggling and internet...
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    Aarrgh! Importing TDI from Canada to U.S.

    Great story, thanks for posting! In a way, the circular nature of the paperwork meant that it was meaningless.:D
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    Plans Approved: Volkswagen will continue with Hallmark's NA product strategy

    To me the problem with that strategy is that it is focused on big vehicles, except for the unnamed "suncompact." Why doesn't VW seriously plan to offer an entry level subcompact in the US? I just checked online: Sales in the US for March 2007: 34,300 Toyota Corolla 29,700 Honda Civic...
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    Strut/Shock Recommendations

    For the NB, which comes stock wish a sportier suspension and usually 16" wheels, Bilstein TC's are just right. Highly Recommended.
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    will a beetle accept a rear seatback from another VW?

    Good question. That may be the solution to get a 2/3 split seat in the back of US spec New Beetles.:)
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    Fix-A-Flat tire repair

    It's not a bad idea to keep a fix-a-flat can in the trunk for an emergency, but that is not meant to be a permanent fix for the tire. Not at all. With respect to the plugs, if NTB said they could not perform a high-performance plug because if the location of the nail, I would look seriously...
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    Biodiesel eating blacktop!

    Biodiesel is great to clean tar marks on the exterior of the car. But you want to clean that up right away, and finish with some good cleaner wax, because if you leave the biodiesel it wil eat into the clearcoat and the paint too.
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    What Year/Model TDI is the "best" to buy?

    2002 was the model year in which VWoA bumped the warranty from 2yrs (I think) to 4yrs-50k miles, and I believe by then a good number of troublesome parts had been improved. In any case, the problems were very common, e.g. window regulators, so if you're buying used, all you have to do is to...
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    Ethanol AP article found on Yahoo, good stuff

    Here is a good article on the current biofuels research being done in Brazil for aircraft biofuels in partnership with Boeing and NASA:
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    Ethanol AP article found on Yahoo, good stuff

    Other tidbits to help understand the place of Brazil in the biofuels industry: -Their ethanol plants produce the fuel from sugar cane, and the plants are so efficient that they run themselves from sugar cane with enough surplus energy to be able to sell electricity to back to the grid. -More...
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    Ethanol AP article found on Yahoo, good stuff

    There is a lot of hype, but little substance. In a nutshell, President Bush and President Lula produced a "Joint Statement" in which they agreed to work on developing biofuels. Most importantly, and hard to find stated in English language press: -Bush said that the US will not remove the 50...
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    My VW dealer put 5w40 in my '06 TDi?

    If it's a new car and it's your car, don't accept anything but the VW recommended oil type. If VW wanted to straighten up their dealership network in the US, why not do hidden camera stings at their dealerships asking about technical features of the cars, having cars serviced, etc. Have a...