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    Found: WTB: 11-14 4Dr Golf or JSW, 6 speed

    Are you looking for a stock car, or are you open to modified vehicles?
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    Nictane 2010+ Return Fuel Filter Kit

    It fit but I went back to oem. Stats aside, the oem looks and feels better
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    11 JSW, turbo failed then engine died on me

    So, until you get the full diagnosis, all we can do is speculate as to what might be the cause. The underboost condition could be cause by lots of things, unfortunately. Could be EGR/dpf issues, could be you ran the car out of oil somehow, could be something silly like a sensor, but as much as I...
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    Black Haze Workshops downpipe? *Updated*

    Ok, complete update. Took me a few days to install because we've had non stop rain for the last week. Most times I could only work 20 minutes before the rain would start again :rolleyes:. Anyway... Install was like any other, and technically simpler than RT install since DPF mounts are not...
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    What am i getting myself into.

    You're not a troll, you're a butthurt forum junkie that got his feelings hurt when proven wrong by a vendor that knows what they're doing. You are seriously "grasping at straws" if you're going to twists Darkside's comment like that. In all this time, you're the only one who has ever claimed...
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    What am i getting myself into.

    This is peak intelligence, right here. If you "proved me wrong", then you should ask why TDIclub is supporting vendors that are knowingly damaging their cars... PROTIP: they aren't. I'm going to need a minute to break down the massive wall of bs you just spewed all over my screen. Mr. Expert...
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    Exhaust Hangers and Bumper Clips

    I looked under my car and did some browsing but I can't find that specific mount either. I'm sure someone here knows what it's called though. As for the bumper, on the sides of the car are these slim clips that are pop riveted to the body. However, on the bumper itself is a tab that slides into...
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    What am i getting myself into.

    Wow. You're still butthurt about that? Why didn't you prove me wrong in the other thread instead of derailing this one? You two are always there to be the "ACTUALLLYYYY" guys but your "facts" are based on Haynes manuals and not experience. He was clearly not arguing from a genuine place...
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    What am i getting myself into.

    Cool, I like the part where you compare year models 10 years apart. You're making a fool of yourself to anyone who knows anything about Nissans, just sayin... Not gonna derail this thread any further, my apologies to OP. Oilhammer, you and I will never agree on anything, I think. That's ok with me
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    Black Haze Workshops downpipe? *Updated* as I was just saying with absolutely no gap in updates at all... Buy this downpipe.
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  14. Build Thread

    Build Thread

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    What am i getting myself into.

    That's just simply not the case, friend. These cars came with manuals specifying dino oil with the exception of the STI, and they define "harsh conditions" as the majority of your driving being in the city and not on highways. I know you have your biases being a mechanic, but I too was a...
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    What am i getting myself into.

    My '98 Civic, '92 240sx, 2016 STI, and '99 TA all had 3k OCI for in-town driving.
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    Age is catching up to the '11.

    That's so odd. Is it possible that you're experiencing the dreaded shifting subframe?
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    What am i getting myself into.

    The VW filter has a zigzag pattern to the media, whereas the OE replacements are typically straight lines, or creases, in the media. I'm not sure that there is a functional difference at 10k intervals or anything like that, just that the VW branded part is heavy and has the zigzag pattern which...
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    What am i getting myself into.

    I have used AutoZone filters in a pinch, but when you see the VW and "OE replacement" filters side by side, there is no comparison. I have a Mann filter in currently because I was in a rush
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    Should I be considering the mkvi?

    $2k to $4k, depending on brand and who does the installing