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    Need help removing banjo bolt

    Bump. I'm having the same issue. I've got more room to work than in this photo as I'm replacing the alternator at the same time, but I can't get this bolt to budge. I've tried all the usual stuff (soaked in penetrating oil, hit with hammer, heat) and have a 22mm socket on it, but it won't...
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    Biggest tire for a 98 Jetta TDI?

    My winter tires are 185/70 R14. They are slightly bigger than stock and work fine.
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    '86 Battery Light

    ^^^Sweet! Thanks.
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    '86 Battery Light

    The alternator is bad. There is a little play in the bearings or bushings and it failed the test at the parts store. But... The backside of my alternator looks different from the one in the parts store catalog. There is a plug on the wiring harness that just sticks into the contacts and is held...
  5. 1986 1.6 Alternator

    1986 1.6 Alternator

    1986 1.6 Alternator
  6. 1986 1.6 Alternator plug

    1986 1.6 Alternator plug

    1986 1.6 Alternator plug
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    '86 Battery Light

    1989 Jetta body with a 1986 1.6 NA engine odometer says 214,000 miles The red light in my dash with the battery icon started to come on yesterday. It lights up, but dimly, just before a shift or when the engine is running higher rpms. Sorry, no tachometer on this beast so I can't put a number to...
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    1986 Jetta Coolant level sensor

    A few months later, and still no coolant leak. I have not got around to replacing the sensor, I just call it the "It's All Good" light. Is everything running OK? Yup- flashing light in the temp gauge; we're good.
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    1986 Jetta Coolant level sensor

    Yup, coolant is covernig the probes.
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    1986 Jetta Coolant level sensor

    I just replaced the coolant level sensor in my 1986 1.6D Jetta. The old one had a crack in it that was allowing coolant to leak out and drip down the expansion tank. New sensor cost $7 and took about one minute to replace. Bam- no leak. I though I was winning. Except...the red light in the temp...
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    oil filter, 1.6D vs 1.9TDI

    I have both a 1.6 and a 1.9tdi. What I have noticed is that the 1.6 filters are just slightly larger. The difference is small, but large enough that is a pain to get them in and out of the 1.9tdi. At the dealer, I think the part numbers are the same except for the last letter (1.9tdi ends in E)...
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    1998 Random Miss or Blip

    I've searched a bit for others with a similar problem, but can't find much info to use. Three times in the last two weeks, my 98 Jetta has had what I'm calling a random miss or blip. All three times, driving at a steady 35 mph or so when the car seemed to shut off for a split second. Either the...
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    1.6na timing belt alignemt

    I just got the new timing belt on my 1986 1.6 and the belt seems to be riding off-center on the crank pulley and the one between that and the pump. The old belt showed signs of wear from this. How do I make it ride centered on all the pulleys?
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    200,000 mile club... roll call!

    Got two Jettas with over 200,000. The 98 is my favorite. Just replaced struts and springs, water pump, TB, ignition switch, front brakes, resealed the IP. Hoping to go over 300,000. The other one has an 86 engine in an 89 body. It's at around 205,000 and is pretty much just used for running...
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    Time to say goodbye to my MK2?

    TomW- 75,000mi is the low estimate of milage in this engine. I'm still trying to sort through records, but it could easily be twice that or more. The engine was in a 1986 body when my wife first got it, that body rusted out and my Father-in-law transplanted it into the 1989 body. It's been...
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    Time to say goodbye to my MK2?

    I am just starting to feel like this is too much work to put into a car over 20 years old. Sure, it's a classic, but it only goes 65mph or so and the fuel milage is not what it used to be when we got the car. How long till it needs an engine overhaul- rings, pistons, valves, etc? Add to my...
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    Coolant Pump going...

    Thanks for the advice. Got the new pump in today. Took most of the day. I did it without removing the TB, because it did not require any special tools. Getting the a/c pump and alternator back on the brackets was the biggest hassle, but not too bad. Dan's VW page has a sweet tutorial...
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    Coolant Pump going...

    My 1998 has a scraping noise at idle. I crawled uner it today and the water pump feels loose. There is 1/8" or so of play, but the pulley bolts seem tight. There is small leak coming from the underside of the pump. I had a new timing belt put in about 20,000 miles ago, and the mechanic did not...
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    Time to say goodbye to my MK2?

    I've got a non-turbo diesel MK2 Jetta. The engine has 75,000 (low estimate) since it's last rebuild. The body is in good shape. It runs great, really great. But... There is a significant rear main seal leak, it needs a new timing belt, the head gasket is leaking, and I think the cv joints need...
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    Door moldings revisited

    I just used Gorrila tape to replace my missing mouldings. A roll cost $5 and now I have a sweet looking black racing stripe. Two years and still stuck.