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    Fluid type for manual transmission

    Yes, my manual trans has one. It’s suppose to be on the drain plug but mine was on my fill plug. I swapped my drain and fill plug so the security is on the drain. The tool is a 16mm 12 point tamper proof bit (I believe I bought mine at autozone). Make sure you remove the fill plug first before...
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    B5 transmisson wanted

    Yeah you got lucky. People in NY want ridiculous money for their Junk Cars. I paid $1000 for my 2005 Passat TDi GLS and it had a slush box that went so I had to tow it. He was originally asking 2k! Granted the car was literally mint with tons of maintenance records, new tires and brakes...
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    B5 transmisson wanted

    Unless you find a scrap car for a reasonable price I think Frans’s prices are actually quite good. Most people Atleast in the northeast will want $1500 for a pile of crap that don’t run. I was able to get every part for the swap, new sensors for cruise and clutch switch, new clutch and flywheel...
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    F/S Various B5 Passat Parts

    BUMP! Everything is still for sale. Please DM me! Prices are negotiable.
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    Ultimate Daily Driver: 4Motion TDI B5.5 Wagon 6MT

    Just wanted to come in and say awesome build. I still have a long awaited car journal I need to start for my manual swapped B5 Passat. Can’t wait to see more.
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    Fluid type for manual transmission

    Check my informative post HERE Thanks!
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    Passat fun

    When I get a lift, I’ll be saving more VWs for sure. Tired of doing stuff on jackstands.
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    B5 transmisson wanted

    Hit up @Frans from DutchAutoParts even though he is in Netherlands, the cost with shipping was cheaper than local sources. He can get you real TDi 5 and 6 speed transmissions. No gas transmissions. They have different gear ratios. He provides everything for the full swap. Pedals, shift linkage...
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    BHW Engine Mount Dilemma

    Just wanted to update since Windex came in here. I’m over 10k miles on my Corteco mounts and still buttery smooth. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble windex. There are 4 things that I can think of that will cause bad vibration. Bad snub mount, bad engine mounts, bad transmission mounts or you...
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    F/S Various B5 Passat Parts

    Hello everyone. I have some parts for sale. These parts came off my 2005 Passat TDi. Some parts are from Frans @ DutchAutoParts I have 1x TCM ( P/N 3B0 927156 CF) Asking 300 obo shipped 1x Sachs Clutch Slave Cylinder (P/N 8E0 721 257 E) used from Frans. $40 obo shipped 1x Sachs...
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