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    Wanted somone to do a 5spd swap near Pittsburgh,

    I should have all the parts form a 99.5 beetle that I parted. kept trans, clutch, clutch cables, PS line, I forget what else I picked the beetle clean. I have an 01 Golf auto with issues - when warm trans won't kick down at 305k and this reman trans has like 90k on it. I have an 02 ALH Jetta...
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    Rear axle bushings, stock vs poly mounts

    We've been using a lot of the Lemforders with no issues yet, OEM in a jamb when no time to wait on a a shipment if I don't have a set on hand. Atleast 2 vendors here sell the Lemforders that folks have bought or rented the tool sourced from. It's VERY imortant to get excellent quality bushings...
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    Rear axle bushings, stock vs poly mounts

    Search here a bit. Most of the threads I used to follow the folks ended up yanking the polly's out. Usually due to squeaking and endless oiling to try and stop squeaking more than harshness I believe. If your originals are shot fresh OEM's will make a world of difference. There are also OEM...
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    Seat upgrade?

    Not to steal this thread but my other option is the seats out of the GTI I was almost killed in. EVERY airbag went off including the ones in the seats - the car has 90k on it. My upholstery guy said the way they sew them and place the airbags that usually the foam is o.k. I put almost 200...
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    Clunking noise from rear struts

    Yea - sorry. The spacer is for the struts - a lot of other models came with the aluminum spacer. We need all the clearance we can get! You can check vendors here about "rubber refresh" parts. Usually the LCA set folks seem to have sets. You usually need to specify individually the strut...
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    Seat upgrade?

    Some of the OEM replacement foam is NLA. On my 01 Golf the material is being reproduced and I wasn't able to get an extra set of seats to my local upholstery guy before winter. But check with the local upholstery guy about having yours redone. We also looked at the seat foam from drivers and...
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    Clunking noise from rear struts

    My test symptom is usually bridge expansion joints. Often shocks/springs don't make nearly as bad of a noise as axle beam bushings when the car is at speed and hits those expansion joints. Around here we have bad roads and any MKIV over 100k usually needs rear axle beam bushings. Often...
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    WTB: ALH Windage tray

    I have one already removed. PM me if you still need one.
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    MKIV rear axle bushing tools - had some made

    Guys. I've been off line catching up on other things. Since the accident I don't multi-task well. I did get 2012's taxes done though! Anyways my mailbox is full. I'll gt to the PM's this weekend. I do have some new tools left and the rental. Some folks had sent me an email at davebugs at...
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    Shocks and struts help.....

    As much as I appreciate the second quessing I've replaced springs before. And I also replace the rubber tops and the aluminum seats. I can physically SEE where the fatter coils rub in the cup that they set in. And yes I tried spinning them, lubing them, etc. In the end they find their own...
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    Shocks and struts help.....

    Installed correctly. New rubbers on top (even thought the old ones were fine) turned the same way, etc. Yes they still "boing" occasionally. And like I said I notice it when I close the door. Rather than when loading the hatch or driving down the road(when I may not just be able to hear)...
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    Power Service white bottle on sale

    The color seems to vary by batch. Seemingly nothing to do with age. I thought perhaps something would change with the USLD but I see the same inconsistency so far. Some is almost clear, some is dark brown.
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    WTB Jetta MK4 passanger side mirror

    You wanna pick a color...
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    01M Automatic Transmisssion - used & working

    I had done research when swapping in an FDB where and ECN had been. All the research said they were interchangable. I was putting it into a 99.5. No issues! I'm just saying that if you have an FDB it might be worth the research. I don't know the seller at all.
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    2001 TDI Golf ABS Bleeding

    Seriousely buy or borrow a Motive. Much better the "push" than to "suck" when bleeding brakes. You've paid for one likely several times already if you value your time at all. One of the 3 essential tools for a VW IMO - although not VW specific. I add Vag-Com, Pella to the Motive pressure...
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    Parting 99 NB TDI white/black/grey spun bearings

    o.k. folks I still have a lot of parts form this partout. Including all 4 brake calipers, I beleive all the exterior lights, black leather seats, engine parts (IP, head, injectors gone) EGR, vacuum pump look almost new. Dash plastic, grey console, all interior door panels(black leather...
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    2000 beetle tdi- parting out

    PMing rpturbo. Dwiesel has been to my place when I was doing my part out. A VERY nice guy. I have a thread here about my partout. I have a lot of parts left including most/all lighting, seats, bare ALH block(no IP, head, injectors) but I pulled the compelte driveline(I wanted the 5 speed...
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    Shocks and struts help.....

    My MOOG 81055's that I saw in other posts here "bong" occasionally. They don't fit well in the cups for the springs at the bottom. I also replaced the little aluminum seats they fit into. I've tried the spray anti-seize and other methods. Still "boing" occasionally. Usually when closing the...
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    how to adjust emergency brake

    Especially the "man made" problem where someone likely originally pinched the cable with a jack or a lift under the axle beam bushing basically at teh front of the rear wheel well. If you're only gonna look one place look there IMO.
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    Hailstorm damages up to 28,000 VWs at Wolfsburg plant

    Now that is an excuse for a sale!