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    FYI - Got a letter from VW today

    My letter also includes a reimbursement form for any expenses incurred before the policy change. Any idea if this letter would go to former owners who have since sold their VW? Someone could have shelled out $$$ and might not realize that VW is willing to pay them back.
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    UNOFFICIAL Adblue Heater Element Failure Thread

    I got mine back today with a $575 bill. While it could have been a much more expensive repair without VW good will, I am still not happy that such an expensive part fails just over 60k miles. When I was paying I overheard tech calling a customer saying the an add blue repair was needed for a...
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    UNOFFICIAL Adblue Heater Element Failure Thread

    VW customer care said they would cover the parts and the dealer would discount the labor. I was told it would take the original $1760 quote down to about $530. Dealer said they would need a couple of days to get parts. Now they say they need a couple of weeks. I didn't want a loaner so I have my...
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    UNOFFICIAL Adblue Heater Element Failure Thread

    Got a call from VW today. They are still researching but hope to get me an answer tomorrow.
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    UNOFFICIAL Adblue Heater Element Failure Thread

    Looks like I joined the club. 2012 61,000 miles CEL on for about 5 days no other issues and appears to be driving fine recently had software update and 60k service Dealer quotes $1760 for Adblue Heater Module Failure and repair kit. Dealer said it was not covered under Emissions...
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    New shoes! ContiPureEco

    Has anyone had any experience with cooper tires on the passat. I have had good luck with them on other vehicles. There may have been a mileage reduction associated with coopers though.
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    Premium diesel in North Jersey?

    I haven't seen any in NJ. I am not sure why it would be available in some areas but not others.
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    40K service checklist

    Amazing how different from one dealer/area to another.
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    40K service checklist

    My dealership quoted me $530 for my 6m. I haven't been happy with them to begin with so there is no way I will go there for the 40k.
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    2012 Passat Wiper Blades

    $20 each at local dealer. Not bad but would rather have full aftermarket options
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    FIXED: 2012 Passat Microphone Quality

    Failed for me. Sounds even worst than before. I will be flipping it back and adding insulation.
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    FIXED: 2012 Passat Microphone Quality

    I just did the mod. Hopefully it improves things. Btw, I found it odd that there was no insulation or some kind of sound barrier between console and roof sheet metal. Off to the left or right of the console I saw foam insulation. Curious if rain and wind hitting up against roof is magnified into...
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    Cold Weather Trouble

    Which nj dealership have you been working with?
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    AdBlue consumption

    So I go into my dealer for my 20k service and the diesel only sticker recall. As soon as he starts writing me up I say I think they missed the adblue at 10k. He gets all high and mighty saying that's impossible and if I idle a lot the full tank can be used in 10k. He is clearly insulted that I...
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    AdBlue consumption

    I first saw it at 600 but wife had car for a long weekend beforehand. I think it is working ok but I really don't think the touched it at 10k.
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    AdBlue consumption

    Did they skip it on my 10k service? I just hit 20k on my 2012 passat. I am getting an adblue warning that car won't start after another 300 miles. Based on some post here i am suspicious that the dealer never filled it during the 10k service. Thoughts? I guess I have to either get in for my...
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    Hesitation at partial throttle when cold

    I have noticed this too. This is my first diesel so I thought it was just one of the cold weather quirks for a diesel. I will mention it at my 10k appointment.
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    Passat safety check

    I got a letter yesterday saying my car was part of a safety check. Some left the factory without some kind of seat guard. Anyone else get this? Sounds like a pretty minor issue. I will probably just wait for 10k service but if I knew what to look for I could check myself.
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    portable navigation and/or phone apps

    @wolf, this looks like a nice setup...I am curious of how you plan on running the wires either to the lighter or some kind of hardwire setup. I currently have mine to the left side of the windshield with the suction cup. I may have to go your way. Nice setup.