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    SOLD - Stock Mk7 TDI Sportwagen Springs - Albany, OR - $1

    Sorry all, I was traveling a lot for work in May and then got sick and forgot to check messages. PMs have been replied to.
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    SOLD - Stock Mk7 TDI Sportwagen Springs - Albany, OR - $1

    I have the stock springs that came off my TDI when I installed H&Rs. I put a price because those are the rules, but really, if you want them you can have them. Come pick them up some weekend or pay for shipping and they're yours.
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    GSW springs.jpg

    Stock GSW Springs
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    How do I straighten the steering wheel?

    Do you have an actual alignment shop in your town? My dealership was able to straighten mine out after the Phase 2 fix (the subframe must not have bolted back on quite straight), but if they didn't get it right, I was going to go to our local alignment shop.
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    GSW Suspension Upgrades

    I didn't measure, but according to H&R, it lowers the car by about 1.5" and that seems about right. I have to be careful pulling up to a curb or a concrete wheel stop in a parking lot. The chin is low enough it will hit most of the wheel stops, so I just make sure I don't pull up far enough to...
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    GSW Suspension Upgrades

    I have the H&R Sport springs with the factory dampers. The ride is definitely firmer and body control is much better in corners and braking. I think it's an improvement. It feels more like a GTI, maybe a little stiffer. It's hard to say exactly since it had been a little while since I had driven...
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    Route 66 in May/June

    Route 66 will take you through Northern Arizona (Flagstaff being the relatively major city along the route in N. AZ). There are a lot of neat things to see there. My family just spent Spring Break in Northern Arizona. We had an Airbnb in Flagstaff but went to the Grand Canyon (about 1.5 hours...
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    SD card music mystery '15 GSW

    Yeah, there are a bunch of storage slots. It's kinda weird. I don't have navigation either, so just the one reader slot.
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    SD card music mystery '15 GSW

    Yeah, I suppose that could make a difference. The SD card I have in my '15 Sportwagen is a Kingston Class 10 30 MB/s card with 16 GB capacity, so it's just over half filled.
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    SD card music mystery '15 GSW

    Pretty sure Beeah meant storage slots for spare SD cards, not the reader slot. If you don't have navigation, then you'll only have one SD reader slot in the glove box. If you have navigation, then there are two SD reader slots in the glove box. Regarding the original topic, that seems odd to...
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    Chipwerke TDI Pro S Chip - PiggyBack

    I'm curious too.
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    Do you use B5-B20 in your DPF car?

    The owner's manual states that up to 5% biodiesel is okay and that they will honor the warranty up to 20% if that's the only thing available in your area. Around here, all that is available is 5% or 20%. I have yet to find straight diesel, even at the truck stops (although I did find some on a...
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    Change miles remaining until service

    Oh, gotcha. I haven't dug around in the modules enough to know. I'm sure someone has though. Curious to see what you find out.
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    Change miles remaining until service

    Pretty sure you hold down the trip reset button until a menu pops up for resetting the service reminder... at least I think that's what the service guy told me when I asked. He ended up doing it for me...
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    How often are people adding DEF

    I've had the low level warning a couple of times, both around 8-9k after the previous oil change. One happened pre-fix, the other happened post-Stage 2. Both times I added a jug and kept motoring. I'm not entirely sure the dealer is filling it up all the way, but it's cheap so I'm not worrying...
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    Getting a Phase 2 Fix Next Week

    I might be the only one that has had to bring their car back to have them align it. When I got mine back, I noticed the steering wheel angle was quite a bit off when going straight ahead. They must not have used "the jig"... but they fixed it without much of an argument. Mine also had an...