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    Picked up a 2011 JSW for my girlfriend tonight

    Nice purchase. Always nice to see a VW hauling a VW. Yellowsubmarine took good care of his 2011. My wife drives that one now. She loves it. We might have the same questions as you wanted from @alphaseinor, in the future. Because at some point the DPF will do its fail thing.
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    Ultimate Daily Driver: 4Motion TDI B5.5 Wagon 6MT

    Nice build. What is the module is below the frame rail? In your picture of the whole engine bay look similar to this frame rail.
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    The One Way Clutch on the Alternator Let Go/seized Up

    Thanks Mozambiquer. I was hoping for a way to check with the belt on. But didn't think of a way. Sounds like belt off. Then the check is the 10 seconds?
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    The One Way Clutch on the Alternator Let Go/seized Up

    I'm not familiar with these pulleys. Could you tell how you check with a screwdriver? I think I could check with the belt off. Thanks.
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    Likely culprits of a sudden shifting problem?

    1134 coding on mine. Was an improvement. Was 1104 before.
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    Broken balance shaft gear removal

    My new replacement sprocket went half way on before stopping. It was hot from the oven. I did read about others had that happen even after heating. So I had a short piece of metal pipe and BFH that I could hit the sprocket the rest of the way on. While it was still kind of hot. Maybe a cast...
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    Broken balance shaft gear removal

    Chisel and BFH worked for me. Like Pickle Rick was saying.
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    BS sprocket and chisel.
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    BHW glow plugs with mk4 harness?

    I had a glow plug fail this winter. It was listed as number 1 glow plug fault with VCDS. It was in the back nearest the firewall.
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    Timing belt what am I doing wrong?

    This is the same tool Doc has, that I used. I used a drill bit for cam lock. It has blue tape on it. Hope your used engine is not the problem.
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    Help select clutch BHW FHN

    Matt's setup now looks like the way to go. I prefer single mass flywheels in pickups and equipment. Thanks Matt. Says 240 mm flywheel that still uses a stock starter and no spacer. I guess a custom made flywheel can do that? 30 lbs. sound good and heavy. Single mass flywheel 240 mm and South...
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    Help select clutch BHW FHN

    I think I'm going to do that 240mm DMF combo. Not sold on many 228 setups. Richmondvatdi stage 3 South Bend DD testing sounds the most interesting. I guess we all want to put something in that lasts plenty long. The 240 guys sound happy. I had my auto to manual conversion delayed till next...
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    Yet another oil leak identification question.

    I think good call on leaving it gear drive BSM. Leaking at front of engine? There is a crankcase breather that got messed up along with the front lower cover on mine. When previous owner had a chain break on OEM BSM. I don't think a geared BSM is stock on yours. Maybe a OEM chain broke on...
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    Yet another oil leak identification question.

    I heated up my sprocket in the oven. Carried from the house to the shop and used welding gloves to put on. It probably was 250-300° by then. Only went half way on. Then I hit it the rest of the way on with a metal pipe and a BFH. If I remember right, the pipe centered on a lip on the sprocket to...
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    FHN gear oil.

    I also need some FHN oil. Is Pentosin MTF2 going to work? 75w-80 GL-4. Available at Napa. I want Fuchs Sintofluid, but looks hard to get.
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    B7 Audi A4 BHW swap

    Might want to double check my answer looking up BHW timing belt replacement. Going from memory, the cam turns once to 2 turns of the crank. I think if the cam is locked and the crank is locked you are in the right spot. That cam has to be pretty exact to get the stop pin all the way in. I...
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    B7 Audi A4 BHW swap White paint on mark you cant find at the top. White also on raised dimple.
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    B7 Audi A4 BHW swap Not a picture expert. I used this style crank lock. Raised dimple in the bottom hole of the purple lock. Blue tape on cam lock pin.