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    What do you love or hate on your Passat and why?

    When I say leaks, I don't mean enough where you notice actual level reductions between oil changes. I am talking that occasional drip that finally makes it down to the ground caused by various components mentioned. It's just my thing that I don't like. We are on a forum where I think it is a...
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    Is this the end of my TDI?

    Since the family has been getting along without this car, I have decided to list it for sale. I will be having to drive my company vehicle from now on, so it finally makes sense to sell. I listed it in the for sale section of the forum. For additional pics and description please see the link...
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    My 2004 Passat TDI Sedan is Finally up for sale! See Pics!

    161K miles, chainless, newly overhauled automatic transmission, almost new run flat tires, enthusiast maintained and upgraded. Look at the pictures and you can see what great shape this car is in. I am the original owner. Title is clean. Never been in an accident. Asking $6,000. Send me an...
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    What do you love or hate on your Passat and why?

    The black oil is truly hate-able. We have all dealt with oil leaks whether from, tandem pump, intake manifold, any one of the joints in the charge pipes, it collects around the base of the intercooler, valve cover gasket, oil fill gasket, turbo oil inlet, and on and on. The leaks are fixable...
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    Passat B5.5 Recurrent Limp Mode Defies Repairs and Frustrates Both Owner and Mechanic

    I have said this a few times before and experienced it myself. I believe this is usually vacuum related. My limp mode was cured after I replaced this vacuum hose that comes off the tandem pump. The bad news is that the hose broke and I had the joy of driving home in limp mode and without power...
  14. Vac hose limp mode

    Vac hose limp mode

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    Is this the end of my TDI?

    I originally set out to find the source of these. Once in there I found a bunch more where the A Cylinder was. The few items that are different than the videos on the 2WD versions are as follows: In order to pull the pump, remove the driver side axle flange with 3 torx bolts. (Sorry, no...
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    Is this the end of my TDI?

    To remove the transmission, it is just typical metric sockets, Allens, triple squares for the axle bolts, and torx T-55 for the 3 torque converter bolts. The transmission itself can be completely disassembled with torx bits 27 and 40. I suggest a set of snap ring pliers for the 3 small snap...