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  1. dzcad90

    TDI Claims Portal

    My documents were approved at the beginning of last week - Nary a word from VW in email, claims portal, or snail mail.
  2. dzcad90

    wheel center caps disappearing

    Noticed one that was loose when I was fueling up last Monday so I pushed it back in. Looked again on Wednesday and it was gone. $17 at the dealer got me a new one. They're available cheaper online, but I had the time and I was there so I went for it. I'll probably order a few to have on hand.
  3. dzcad90

    18" Tire Size Question - For those that know more than I

    I went shopping for new tires yesterday. My Conti's are getting to the point where they will need replacement at 45K miles or so. One is down to 5/32" I generally buy from Discount Tire - Their service is unbeatable and their prices are generally the same. The guy there told me they didn't have...
  4. dzcad90

    Warranty Extension for Engine Exhaust Flap

    Sometime in the 2013 production run the cars got a few updates - hood strut, different turbocharger, and now seemingly a potentially a different exhaust flap.
  5. dzcad90

    WTB: Passat TDI (12-14) Plastic Belly Pan, left front bumper insert, or Spoiler

    Looking to buy a TDI Belly pan from a NMS Passat. My guess is it needs to be from a 2012-2014 with CKRA. Mine was "missing" next time I got under the car after a turbo replacement, my guess is the dealer forgot to put it on. Maybe it's universal between gas and Diesel, I have to check the part...
  6. dzcad90

    2015 passat lower trim backfit to a 2013

    The only lower trim I can think of is between the SEL and the SE models.. There's some chrome rubstrips on the doors that you get with the SEL.
  7. dzcad90

    23N5 software update thread to address turbo failures

    I believe you're thinking about the Tesla model S. ;)
  8. dzcad90

    2015 passat lower trim backfit to a 2013

    Do you have a picture of what trim you're referring to?
  9. dzcad90

    Euro switch question

    Does anyone know of the euro switch allows one to turn on the fog lights in the "auto" position? Three times in as many months I've come out to a dead battery in the morning because I have left the light switch in the "On" position because I was using the fog/driving lights. Since the Passat...
  10. dzcad90

    TURBO: 2012-2014 Passat turbo failures [discussion thread]

    Agreed on all points - unless I make it 6 years without hitting 120K miles, at which point I'll decide to drive it til it dies or see what kind of value it has
  11. dzcad90

    TURBO: 2012-2014 Passat turbo failures [discussion thread]

    Probably true, however I don't put a lot of stock into that. The car ran for over 90% of it's in-service life without the update, including 1 very cold full winter, and the beginning part of this winter. If the sample size weren't so low, now would be a good time to start the baseline as to...
  12. dzcad90

    TURBO: 2012-2014 Passat turbo failures [discussion thread]

    Welp, I can officially join the club. Fortunately, this is the first "club" of this type on TDIClub I have had the misfortune of joining. '14 Passat TDI - Oct 16 '13 Production date. 28,257 miles. Car was purchased on Nov 30, 2013. Sometime last week the turbo whistle started getting...
  13. dzcad90

    What am I missing Remote Start

    Venus, Mars, and Earth also have to be aligned so that they each block out the other planet's view of the sun.
  14. dzcad90

    What am I missing Remote Start

    If your fob looks like this: Then the fob has the remote start function. If you have an SEL TDI, then you should be able to remote start your car. Here's the conditions for it to work: Car has to be off and locked. All doors, trunk, and hood must be closed. The low fuel light cannot be on...
  15. dzcad90

    TURBO: Please report NMS turbo failures here. [not a discussion thread!]

    Miles on car at failure: 28,257 Build date: 16 October 2013 Corrective actions from dealership: Replace turbocharger and intercooler Outside air temps at failure: Mid 20's Farenheit Failure warning signs, if any: Louder whistling while in boost Warning lights on dash/MFI: None Problems since...
  16. dzcad90

    Acceleration Lag after 20k Service

    Personally, I'd just go check and see if the sensor is plugged in. If it is, disconnect and reconnect it. If that fixes it, then motor on. I wouldn't clear any codes though just in case you have to take it in. As for the ABS fault, I'd probably try clearing that code and seeing if it comes...
  17. dzcad90

    Acceleration Lag after 20k Service

    Well, there's your likely culprit. They replaced your air filter, and probably forgot to (or didn't fully) connect your mass air flow sensor. This sensor is located after (towards the engine) the airbox and has an electrical connector that goes to it. It is likely either unplugged or not fully...
  18. dzcad90

    Acceleration Lag after 20k Service

    Do you hear any air rushing type noises? My guess is some part of the intake system is not clamped / sealed properly and you're losing boost. Find a long wall (i.e. behind a strip mall or grocery store) that you can drive your car along fairly closely. Roll down the windows and give it some...
  19. dzcad90

    How to drain adblue before refilling?

    For sure. Assuming a dealer car wash is worth about $3, my time is definitely worth more than $6/hr. Especially my precious weekend time.
  20. dzcad90

    Anyone know VLT of bare windows? Aiming for net 35% tint.

    A good tint shop should have a VLT meter. Of course, you are buying from a good tint shop, correct?