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  1. SBAtdijetta

    SOLD!: 2010 Jetta TDI Cup Edition - Black - Modded

    I agree. I have always found people on this site to be a cut above the rest. I won't let a couple of people impact my positive opion of the club though. That would not be right. Thanks. I do my best not to wish ill will towards people even if I don't like how they have delt with me. As they say...
  2. SBAtdijetta

    SOLD!: 2010 Jetta TDI Cup Edition - Black - Modded

    I agree, and I understand I am likely SOL at this point from a legal view. It is not worth going after legally. I was hoping for some moral reciprocity, but no such luck. I do recognize that I made the mistake of not doing proper due diligence on the car. If I had spent a couple hundred dollars...
  3. SBAtdijetta

    SOLD!: 2010 Jetta TDI Cup Edition - Black - Modded

    It is a big deal to me when I lose out on $1,600+, and a mistake as well. Money is money, and this is not free to fix. I could buy a lot of diesel with that much cash. I also don't care to be lectured by someone about the right thing to do who in their very next statement says the below in...
  4. SBAtdijetta

    SOLD!: 2010 Jetta TDI Cup Edition - Black - Modded

    No I am not just realizing this. I knew there was an issue the same day I bought the car, but did not have time to get it checked right away. I have been busy working, and closing on a house; however for those reasons yes it took me a month and a half before I had the time available to spare...
  5. SBAtdijetta

    SOLD!: 2010 Jetta TDI Cup Edition - Black - Modded

    Just an update here. Buyer beware. I will be the first to admit my mistake. As nice as people are here don't take a sellers word. I know not to do that, but I did it anyway and I paid for it. I purchased this Jetta from Pat, and the same day on my drive home I noticed that the AC was not...
  6. SBAtdijetta

    2010 Jetta Tdi Cup Edition

    Anyone ever try to start in 2nd? The big HP/Tq cars do that. I'm sure it would be very hard on our weak clutches but... once "may" not kill it...
  7. SBAtdijetta

    Texas owners TDI List

    Back on this list again! Whoop! This time for my new to me '10 CR Cup Car.
  8. SBAtdijetta

    TDI Beetle out runs Corvette ZR-1

    Better driver and tires than the car... but that is the point of AutoX anyway.
  9. SBAtdijetta

    13 Passat SE on H&Rs and Audi 19s

    Nice choice on the wheels. I like the styles and color. It goes well! Congrats!
  10. SBAtdijetta

    2010 Jetta Tdi Cup Edition

    You can tack me on to this list, but I took someone off to add myself... I bought Pat's Black 6spd today. Nice guy and easy transaction, clean car too. Thanks Pat.
  11. SBAtdijetta

    SOLD!: 2010 Jetta TDI Cup Edition - Black - Modded

    I just wanted to publicly say thanks to Pat for a very clean and easy transaction. Nice guy for sure! Thank you Pat!
  12. SBAtdijetta

    CR140 Stage 3

    Eh, not yet... lol I do know the feeling of your car being sans turbo, manifold, or ECU. Not fun!
  13. SBAtdijetta

    2.0 CR TDI upgrades.

    Yea, but..... Not everybody has the coin for a "driver" and a "fun" car at the same time myself included. I did a while back (the Z06 and the beater 02 TDI), but life happens and priorities change. Selling a house and buying a more expensive one tends to do that (or for folks with kids, or X...
  14. SBAtdijetta

    2.0 CR TDI upgrades.

    Cool! :cool: Thanks, that is great news. Maybe a BMW D can be my next choice. The downside is a brand new BMW is not exactly my idea of affordable right now... a 4-5 year old 335d looks attractive price wise. Is the 535d available in a manual? Thanks again for the heads up.
  15. SBAtdijetta

    2.0 CR TDI upgrades.

    Old post but I was wondering... They don't sell the 535d here in the USA do they? I've looked but only see the 335d advertised... I wanted to buy one, but the ones at affordable prices all seemed to be wrecked, salvaged, etc when I checked the Carfax data (not that it shows everything). So I...
  16. SBAtdijetta

    Anyone here brewing their own Biodiesel?

    Hi Dave, It has been a long time, so you may not remember me, but I drove up to RR when I first got my PD for some VCDS help. Anyway quick question for you if you don't mind me asking. Do you still have the Appleseed? If so are you not using it because you are too busy, or just don't want to...
  17. SBAtdijetta

    A GTG for the DFW metroplex TDi lovers

    I might be in depending on the date; I have one work and one fun trip already in April plus the MS150 to do so I don't think I would make it unless it did not conflict with any of those. I hope to have my next TDI (whatever it may be) by then!
  18. SBAtdijetta

    BMW 328d

    Ditto... at that price level I'm not buying it/or leasing it. I don't think it is worth it. I have a slightly different approach. I'm going get a used (don't care if I buy a new car ever again) Merc or BMW, and then wait until the new Audi's are used and at a reasonable price level for me...
  19. SBAtdijetta

    Houston TDI owners

    I'm in Houston with Vagcom. Where are you located? Shoot me a PM. I should be in town this weekend.
  20. SBAtdijetta

    New to TDIClub? Introduce yourself here!

    Not new, but back after a long hiatus. Glad to be back here again. I'm new to the MK4's so I have some reading to catch up on. Let me see... timing belts, and manual swaps...