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    DZL DUBR spotted in Palo Alto

    In the employee parking lot at SHC. I'm being vague purposely, but, if you know either the plate or the place then it's you.
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    1998 Jetta Clutch Question

    Sounds to me like the clutch master cylinder is worn and needs to be rebuilt/replaced. That's what the low pedal indicates to me. If you pump the clutch pedal and it works fine but doesn't if you don't pump it then for sure it's the clutch master cylinder. A simple rebuild could be just...
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    How much difference can temperature make?

    I know, it's a gasser, but, my TDI didn't have an on-board trip computer like the GLI does. When I was working evenings I had noticed that I had gotten consistently better mileage driving to work despite there being more traffic at 1 PM than when driving home at 11 PM, though it was a lot...
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    New Polo confirmed for the USA, with TDI

    Now that's a thought! Going retro and air cooled! I like it!
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    New Polo confirmed for the USA, with TDI

    Trust me, he's going to learn how to drive a manual tranny no matter what, and, along those lines, so will my daughter. It's whether or not I trust him with a 200 HP car that I'm worried about. I'm seriously thinking of getting a Mk VI Golf to use until he gets his license, but, the 170 HP...
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    Champagne performance on a beer budget

    I cannot recall which two pins need to be crossed, but, yes, it can be done on an AHU TDI. I did it on my '98 Jetta TDI. The only thing to watch out for is the IQ, it cannot dip below 1.0. If you do it goes into limp mode.
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    New Polo confirmed for the USA, with TDI

    My wife has become "anti diesel" and refuses to even talk about getting a TDI. Going from a TDI to a gasser can be dangerous as I've almost run out of gas a few times because I've grown accustomed to waiting a week or two to even look at the fuel gauge, waiting for the idiot light to remind me...
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    New Polo confirmed for the USA, with TDI

    My current car is an 6MT '06 Jetta GLI and I regularly get mileage of around 31-32MPG on my hilly commute of 30 miles each way. Best trip so far averaged 37MPG, according to the trip computer, driving with a light foot. Granted, I don't know how accurate the trip computer is compared to real...
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    New SF Bay Area Chit Chat Thread

    I got my car back a week and a half ago and it is looking about as it did before my rear-ender. The guy wouldn't go with an aftermarket exhaust, though, so a factory replacement was installed.
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    New SF Bay Area Chit Chat Thread

    Unfortunately, insurance companies suck. I was thinking of going to Andrew's GTG up in San Pablo but I don't know if I would just get in the way or feel out of place with a gasser and all. I'm definitely going to try to go to the GTG in July at Stanford.
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    New SF Bay Area Chit Chat Thread

    Hey, guys. Someone tell that slacker Freddy he still owes me some money. I miss this place. I miss my TDI. I miss the cameraderie that this place oozes that the other local forums lack. The new car is great. It does everything better, stock, than my TDI ever did after all the mods except...
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    New SF Bay Area Chit Chat Thread

    Dan, sorry to hear about your car. I replied to your last email on my phone only to find, two months later, that changed their email server settings and my email never left my phone. You should have brought it to Masters Autobody in Daly City. They do amazing work. My GLI is...
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    New SF Bay Area Chit Chat Thread

    You talking about me? <Blushing>
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    SFBA - July 2007 - "Meet the Junior" GTG (Robot Passat TDI)

    I'll try to make it if you folks don't mind a gasser in the mix.
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    California TDI Owners List

    I took myself out and renumbered this list as I no longer own a TDI. To add your id to the California TDI Owners list, just copy the last full list on the thread, hit reply, paste the list, add your info to the list, click continue, and then submit. 1. dlai, 2005 Passat Wagon, South San...
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    More power from pumping brakes

    Did you go with stock or the VR6 one? The VR6 one is supposed to be bigger, resulting in a firmer brake pedal.
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    WTB Ross-Tech VAG COM You're better off buying it directly from They basically cut you off if you buy it used. They won't transfer ownership of the product and will not allow you to upgrade the software for free unless you bought from them to begin with.
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    Cheap Diesel in the San Francisco Bay Area???

    Re: Cheap Diesel in San Francisco?? The Shell at the corner of El Camino and Hickey has diesel for $2.629 a gallon. There's a no-name gas station in Redwood City between Bay and Middlefield that has diesel for $2.599 that I saw the other day but didn't have money for fuel so I went to that...
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    New California Chit Chat post!

    Re: New Kalifornia Chit Chat post! Welcom to the Club, Dan! Just a follow-up to my smoking TDI post on the previous page. I got a notice to either fix it or pay a fine. I went to the local PD and got it signed off.