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  1. ksing44

    P2015, P2008 - Covered under emissions warranty?

    A VW dealer replaced the intake manifold on my car for free under the terms of the extended warranty. I also read that the new manifold has some changes so that the same thing doesn't happen, but I don't know if that's actually true. My 2010 MK6 Golf TDI was fixed about 5 years ago, 42K miles...
  2. ksing44

    2010 tdi cjaa will not stay running

    I had my sensor replaced by a VW dealer. When they received the replacement sensor, it failed in a bench test of some kind and they had to order a second sensor. The new sensor was installed in July of 2016 (7-years ago) and no issues so far.
  3. ksing44

    Show me your phone cradles

    I use a ProClip dash mount and iPhone adjustable holder in my 2010 MK6 Golf TDI and in my 2019 MK7.5 Golf R. Below is a link to a video of the installation. It looks like the Panavise mount above ends up in the same place. In the MK6 Golf TDI it's an ideal position for using the phone in the...
  4. ksing44

    CP3 fuel pump upgrade thread

    I have a 2 micron filter with my CP3, but it was repurposed as a polishing filter in between the OEM filter and the CP3 HPFP. The inventor of the system, "2micron", explained that it was good to have the cleanest possible fuel going through the pump. I suspect it might not be needed with the...
  5. ksing44

    Clutch replacement recommended by dealer but OMG on price!

    My dealer also quoted $3900 for clutch, flywheel, pressure plate, and whatever else was needed to complete the repair for my 2010 MK6 Golf TDI. It was about half and half for parts vs labor. I was shocked! Like others have posted, I was thinking it might be about $2000. But I went ahead with...
  6. ksing44

    2012 jetta tdi sportwagen mpg

    On other VW forums I read that the tuners have a list of the VIN numbers for the cars they tuned. The comments suggested you could contact the tuners and they would confirm if or of if not the car was tuned by them.
  7. ksing44

    What Should Water Temp Be

    I had my thermostat replaced at ~ 195K miles. Do the "plastic pipe" too.
  8. ksing44

    2014 Sportwagen prolong crank starts

    It was a little chilly this morning, 53°F, and my car started on the first crank of the day after not being driven for 2 days! For me, the one thing I'm certain about is the longer cranks on the first start of the day are related to the temperature.
  9. ksing44

    2014 Sportwagen prolong crank starts

    Above I said my 2010 Golf TDI is stock because I'm not tuned and deleted like the OP. But I have a CP3 pump and I get the longer cranking time on the first start of the day when the weather gets warmer. I do not think it's fuel delivery, although initially I thought that might be the issue. If...
  10. ksing44

    2014 Sportwagen prolong crank starts

    My 2010 Golf TDI (stock) does it on the first start of the day intermittently as the weather gets warmer and it does it most of the time on the first start of the day when the weather gets hot. It just recently started doing it now that it's warm again. Mine starts fine when it's cold. There are...
  11. ksing44

    CP3 fuel pump upgrade thread

    I'm thinking that's certainly true for the primary filter, but the secondary filter only sees fuel that already passed through the first filter. Getting the correct filter is part of my concern. I'm sure the original installer would get it right. It would be nice if I had a gauge to monitor the...
  12. ksing44

    CP3 fuel pump upgrade thread

    How many of you have the secondary 2-micron filter between the OEM fuel filter and the CP3 pump? I have it on my car. The amazing machinist and inventor, "2Micron", told me the secondary fuel filter was good for at least 100K miles. I'm coming up on 60K miles. I'm thinking I'll let it ride this...
  13. ksing44

    Under Hood Insulation Mat = New Style Worked Great for Yrs, Now Back Middle Is Hanging Down

    Thank you @BarnyardsTDI for making the suggestion in the previous thread! It is a perfect solution!
  14. ksing44

    Under Hood Insulation Mat = New Style Worked Great for Yrs, Now Back Middle Is Hanging Down

    Sounds great! I thought about using additional support for the zip ties in the insulation, but so far the small holes I drilled in the insulation look the same as when the zip ties were installed. I still might give it a try to add support if needed one of these days. I was thinking maybe guitar...
  15. ksing44

    Under Hood Insulation Mat = New Style Worked Great for Yrs, Now Back Middle Is Hanging Down

    This is a picture provided by @DrGERTol. It shows under the hood where you can slide the zip ties between the gaps in the metal under the hood.
  16. ksing44

    Under Hood Insulation Mat = New Style Worked Great for Yrs, Now Back Middle Is Hanging Down

    MK6 Golf Under-hood Insulation Question In a previous thread at the link above, @BarnyardsTDI suggested that you can slip zip ties under the gap in the sheet metal under the hood to secure the insulation. You'll see it right away when you look under the hood. For the three tabs I wanted to fix...
  17. ksing44

    What did you do to your MkVI-A6 today?

    I got a new windshield at Safelite, OEM replacement with VW branding on the glass! They also said the gasket was good, no worries. It sure looks better than my sandblasted original windshield that survived 197K miles as a commuter. I also have new OEM wipers. Now I can't wait until it rains to...
  18. ksing44

    Hesitation/stutter while driving

    ^^Surging and other odd behavior can also be common not too long after start-up. The car does its best to get everything up to operating temperature by adding fuel to heat the exhaust and emissions equipment more quickly. I think almost all of these complaints/comments about odd running...
  19. ksing44

    DPF won't regen

    I think I remember that you can initiate a regen by driving 45 mph in 4th gear for an extended period of time. I think it might even be in the owners manual, but I didn't check.
  20. ksing44

    2012 JSW

    I think you're right! There are no "free rides", except DIY if you have the expertise, the tools, and the time. I use my dealer. They're the closest shop to me, by a large margin, and it seems they have very good mechanics. If "oilhammer" was in my area, of course that's where I'd go. But as far...