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  1. Winter wheels

    Winter wheels

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    FS: 17 inch winter wheels, BMW caps

    These wheels are sold.
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    Bidding goodbye to my 535d

    Yes, this is my logic. At least I won't be wanting for torque! BTW, I did sell the above wheels.
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    Bidding goodbye to my 535d

    All the above are great points. I certainly considered buying the 535d. It truly is a great car. Most of my driving is city driving and being stuck in traffic jams and at stop lights. We have the Q5 TDI for distance driving. I'll be going full electric for my commutes. Just making a change.
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    Bidding goodbye to my 535d

    It is with a sad heart that I will be turning in my 2016 BMW 535d in a few months since my lease is ending this fall. I've driven my last winter in this fine machine and I wanted to offer a set of 17 inch winter wheels, 17-8 5-120 ET29 Rial Salero rims with Michelin X Ice Xi3 tires, perfect...
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    FS: 17 inch winter wheels, BMW caps

    Hi Everyone, I'm selling a set of winter wheels that I have used on a 2016 BMW 535d. They have been used over 10,00-12,000 miles and are in excellent condition, no scratches, lots of tread. $300 for the full set. 17X8 5-120 ET29 RIAL SALERO, Michelin X-ice Xi3 with BMW caps, Rial caps...
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  10. Tires on car

    Tires on car

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    Audi Q5 TDI or Porsche Cayenne Diesel?

    Sounds like a win-win decision to me. Probably best to drive both if you can. I suspect maintenance costs will be higher for the Porsche, if that's a consideration. I'll confirm that the Q5 is quick. It'll put you back in your seat when you step on it, without any tuning.
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    Audi Q5 TDI Jacking locations for 2015 MY

    There are arrowheads imbedded in the bottom of the rocker panel that show where to place the jack for all 4 wheels.
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    3.0TDI GenII post Emissions Modification

    Well, no problems found, which is good. I think my solution will be to take the Q to work once a week. With an hour commute each way that should provide plenty of time for a regen. Cheers!
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    TDIclub Secret Society of BMW Owners (SSBMWO)

    Congrats on being able to perform those mods yourself. Any concerns about passing emissions testing in MA?
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    3.0TDI GenII post Emissions Modification

    It's at Westwood Audi. They treat me very well, always provide a loaner, and do good work.
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    3.0TDI GenII post Emissions Modification

    No word yet from dealer. My wife drives the Q5 most of the time, which winds up being a bunch of short trips. If these cars do more regens post emissions fix, i suspect the DPF light is going to come on more frequently. The light eventually went off, so I suspect it just needed a long drive...
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    3.0TDI GenII post Emissions Modification

    My 2016 Q5 TDI had the emissions a few months ago and we probably put around 1000 miles on it. DPF light came on yesterday. Taking it in today. About 37K on the odometer. Perhaps a sensor gone bad? We'll see...
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    BMW Dropping Diesels For Plug-in Hybrids

    Did you happen to notice the last name of the BMW spokesman is Schmuck? Coincidence?:D
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    TDIclub Secret Society of BMW Owners (SSBMWO)

    Yes, I have seen the same information on Bimmerfest. Very disappointing. My 535d is a lease, which is up in Nov '19. I guess I could consider buying it out, if it makes financial sense. Not sure what I'll do. We are being led to electrification, more and more. I'm not totally against...
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    TDIclub Secret Society of BMW Owners (SSBMWO)

    It think that should be "Sport+" mode.