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    MKIV Antenna gasket kit

    Edit: got one already, thanks.
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    FS: 4 x 15" Avus wheels - location: SE MI - will ship: NO

    FS: 4 x 15" Avus wheels Moved.
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    WTB: 2 x 15" Avus wheels in MI/IN/OH area

    WTB: 2 x 15" Avus wheels Dismiss this - I found a set.
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    My car sounds like a pigeon/dove/stupid bird...

    Like a whistle...
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    Replaced Passenger Axle - can I rebuild the old one?

    I am no hurry to fix it, I just wanted to see if it was doable so I can keep it as a spare down the road. I guess the stock axles going bad is always a good excuse to move up to the VR6 axles too...
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    Thermostat Change: The Good, the Bad and the Annoying

    I just got mine in the mail today and I am seeing that I will have the same problem. Good idea with the string though, that is what I am going to do.
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    Wanted: 5 speed swap parts

    I have an EGR from a 2003 Jetta with around 75k miles on it. The guy I bought it from removed it for his 6-speed swap and said it had no problems while in the car.
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    Front Strut Replacement

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    Oldman Intake failed.