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  1. 86 cabby

    86 cabby

  2. Vik F

    BUG*PWR AWARD goes to one of our own at TDIFest 2010

    woo hoo..congrats man
  3. Vik F

    Official Spotted thread

    Sweeps, this morning, 400SB
  4. Vik F

    FS: MK4 Parts for Sale

    - EOM oil pan with new tube of oem sealant - hmm, where is this from ;)
  5. Vik F

    Which Jetta's are the last ALH year to be made?

    Like tditom said - 2003
  6. Vik F

    New Car Pics

    no plates, he was issued a temp sticker for xx amount of time. congrats Fred
  7. Vik F

    flat paint

    spray bomb GTG??
  8. Vik F

    What is it worth?

    $1502?? lmk :p
  9. Vik F

    New Car Shopping Impressions

    u have mail
  10. Vik F

    lost it all

    sorry to hear..
  11. Vik F

    To the lady driving the silver TDI at Mapleview Sobeys in Barrie at 11:35am today ..

    +1:D things that make you go " hmmmmm"
  12. Vik F

    fs : Intercooler kit plus piping $300 firm

    EGT's will drop quickly to near normal conditions, no matter how hard u drive. on a mod'd car, your IC ( lack of cooler air) can become an issue. FMIC or bigger SMIC will help keep charged air cool, benefits stated by Omega
  13. Vik F

    When's the next Spring cruise?

    congrats ryan, pics pls.
  14. Vik F

    Show your WC 2010 support

    German league has been usin those balls during the last season, so anyone playing in Germany would have a season of experience
  15. Vik F

    Show your WC 2010 support

    Taken from The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) (Italian: Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio; F.I.G.C.), also known as Federcalcio, is the governing body of football in Italy. It organises the Italian football league, Coppa Italia...
  16. Vik F

    ****Precision Tuning Moving Sale****

    taken from 1st post... "Moving sale starts May 26th-May 27th. I will stay open until 8:00 pm during these 2 days."
  17. Vik F

    Cabrio/TDI Swap

    sweet swap, nice work! the canadian corrado color is called ice violet grey
  18. Vik F

    When's the next Spring cruise?

    Hello Pete :D ..yeah, i thought my ears were burning...just remember, half of what you hear is the truth and the rest is a lie :rolleyes: lol
  19. Vik F

    When's the next Spring cruise?

    :eek: lol
  20. Vik F

    Small Package arrived early...

    Congrats John..all the best to you, wifey and Kianna too!! I cant see the pics either :(