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    Scrapped: Assorted 1Z/AHU, ALH parts in Central MA

    Miss all our B4 banter buddy!
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    Maintenance mode, it's been good

    You old fogey
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    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    Good luck there bud! That’s a primo specimen for sure, if only it was 10 years ago!
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    Requiescat in Pace, John Jackson

    John was a good friend. We setup many a GTG back in the day to do what we could to build up the SoCal TDI community. We even spent many hours together in the middle of the night traveling to other folks GTGs. It was definitely nice to have another b4 owner who liked to spend silly money on...
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    Anyone non-ABS running the 1" brake MC?

    If I remember correctly he tried both, but he may have used up too many wheels.
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    Anyone non-ABS running the 1" brake MC?

    Grinding those ceramic pads take a good amount of work. My machines told me “I’m going to taste that for a whole week”. Poor guy.
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    Anyone non-ABS running the 1" brake MC?

    I am running the larger Audi 200 MC , Girling dual piston calipers, and 280mm rotors. I do wish I had 288mm rotors so the pads would not overhang and start a squeal after xxxx amount of miles. And also so I had that extra amount of sweep to the pads. But drilling the 5x112 rotors for 4x100...
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    *sad face* someone hit my parked car

    Don't see why people are scared of it getting totaled. Take that money, repair what you can on the cheap and use the rest on that paint job. Waiting till the end of the life of the vehicle for any payout from the insurance company is the fool's game. Get what you can sooner than later.
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    Vnt ring in upside down? Turbo weirdness

    What about a bad map sensor?
  11. kooyajerms

    Vnt ring in upside down? Turbo weirdness

    How does it respond if you plug the ATM side ? Got boost ?
  12. kooyajerms

    Vnt ring in upside down? Turbo weirdness

    Actually bypassing the n75 by putting your vac line on the actuator closed down on the vanes so it should build boost easily. I’d be careful with the WOT, you have no boost control, so you could spike that thing pretty hard , unless you run a boost control. I’m actually having a similar...
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    about to buy ecode Hella headlights from eBay Europe.. any local sellers??

    Just buy the left and right set from Latvia. They are just as good as any NOS Hella's that you might find from someones barn (not directed at you Abacus!). It being made of glass helps with the clarity issues of stock lenses. I cannot tell one issue vs my old stock German Ecode's I previously...
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    Westfalia Towbar/Hitch dedicated electrics kit install

    Sorry bud, you’ll need to justify the purchase if you want it.
  15. kooyajerms

    California Modding? mk6 vs mk7?

    Buy a 335d. Find a shop that will cover some “bases.” Whammo! And also, hey there. Didn’t know we had a member in Claremont. I’m in Pomona.
  16. kooyajerms

    Cause For Overheating and Exhaust Gasses in Coolant???

    Instead of parking it, just find a replacement longblock or used head someone will sell ya cheap. Yes someone’s going to say it’s a risk, but If you got the time for it, it can’t hurt anymore than where you are at now with putting it away for a couple years.
  17. kooyajerms

    Gt1856 Turbo Tacoma

    What size are the nozzle orifices? Did you get any information regarding them being mounted and balanced? 10mm stock injection pump? What transmission is mounted to your Tacoma? Gear Ratio? Did your tuner state they had the map for the turbo and have tuned it a couple times successfully...
  18. kooyajerms

    possibility to enlarge the injector nozzle spraying size and volume to enhance power

    Isn't that black ABS plastic injection pump head so pretty? He must be looking for rothenbacher