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  1. ecodean

    Am I gonna get pulled over if I do this?

    Water boils off my exhaust tip after a good run, so yes it will get way toooooo hot to touch. But don't believe me....give it a try and video it for us.
  2. ecodean

    N75 Question

    scrambld, check your PM's.
  3. ecodean

    Misfire detected P0302 after cleaning clogged turbo

    Just a random thought. does your car still have the snow screen in the intake tube? Maybe it's clogged.
  4. ecodean

    No Boost

    also check the condition of your vacuum hoses. They probably are shot.
  5. ecodean

    EGR from PD150

    I got this to get higher flow yet still keep the antishudder function of the stock EGR. Never got around to fitting it. Everything is vacuum actuated and works as it should. $50 plus shipping.
  6. ecodean

    Differential from 02Golf

    Differential was removed at about 75k from my 02 TDI to make room for a peloquin diff. $70 plus shipping.
  7. ecodean

    Help with Runaway Diesel Engine and Leaky Turbo

    Take your car to jimbote in Sanford and have him check it out. If it needs a turbo, buy a new turbo for about $900 and have jimbote install it. Used turbos are a gamble unless you know the seller or know how to check the condition yourself.
  8. ecodean

    Battery - "must buy now" question/help

    My original battery died after seven years so I replaced it with OEM from the dealer. I just replaced that battery, it wouldn't hold a charge, actually it would not even take a charge and was only three years old. Now I'm running a Walmart battery. So in my experience, OEM gets a thumbs down.
  9. ecodean

    biodiesel in the winter

    Put your biodiesel in a clear jar and put it in the freezer and see if it gels. I used to keep a jar of my biodiesel outside to see if it was gelling on colder nights.
  10. ecodean

    03 jetta ALH weird limp mode issue

    Intake manifold/EGR clogged, restriction causes irregular boost readings hence computer puts it into limp mode.
  11. ecodean

    Passenger door wont unlock with remote

    The doors do unlock with the switch on the drivers door, they just won't unlock with the remote, so I think that the acctuators are fine.
  12. ecodean

    Passenger door wont unlock with remote

    My battery died, but has now been charged, and now my key fob remote won't unlock the passenger door, everything else works fine. Is there a simple fix for this? Thanks, Dean
  13. ecodean

    FS ALH Timing Belt Tools

    If they haven't sold I'll take them.
  14. ecodean

    2003 alh assorted stock and after market parts check for up dates

    Do you have all the tubes etc. for the Pella? I'm hoping to be at the GTG and am in need of an extractor. Be sure to bring it.
  15. ecodean

    GTG Winnsboro SC Saturday July 14

    Would anyone have an oil extractor that I could use at this GTG? Mine got lost when we moved to NC and my oil drain plug has been sealed to keep it from leaking (threads are almost gone). I also would like it if some of the experts there could help me figure out my turbo lag problem.
  16. ecodean

    GTG January 28,2012 Chapin, SC

    Hi Dan, Kristina and I will take some biodiesel if the price is reasonable, about 30-40 gals. Should we bring our own five gal containers or are the cubies take home? See ya tomorrow, Dean
  17. ecodean

    GTG January 28,2012 Chapin, SC

    Hi Dan - I'm on Dean's computer. PM sent. kristina
  18. ecodean

    Doin's at Dan's

    Dan, I just sent you a PM about possible work on my car. Let me know what you think. Dean
  19. ecodean

    LSD, A funny thing happened on my way to 60 MPH

    My car also dances a little under hard acceleration since the Peloquin install. I think that it is caused by the differences in the road surface which causes the differential to switch power from side to side as it searches for traction. At first it was unnerving:eek: but now I expect it to...
  20. ecodean

    wtb Mk4 down pipe

    I also have one and I'm in PA.