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  1. snakeye

    Intermittent loss of power

    Yup pretty much this. If the vnt control ring is worn, it'll seize up again in no time. My rule is if you're buying an ALH, get a new turbo. Installed one on my latest car after purchase; best thing I could've done. It's been running trouble free for the last 100k km, which certainly wouldn't...
  2. snakeye

    "Stopped when parked" weird brake issue 2003 Golf

    Are the brakes rusted?
  3. snakeye

    Anyone in Canada selling injector nozzles? (y)
  4. snakeye

    Cruise Control not working

    Try activating the cruise control while signaling left and right.
  5. snakeye

    Rocker rust dilemma

    Cut the rust out, clean it up to bare metal, coat with something like epoxy primer or POR15, cover the hole with sheet metal painted on both sides using rivets and panel adhesive. THEEEN do what you said you're going to do.
  6. snakeye


    I think it's recommended to have the timing closest to the green line in cold climate for best cold starts, otherwise anywhere between the green and red is fine I think. For the IQ, I'd aim for 3 if your car is stock, but it depends what you want. Closer to 1 you get better low end torque but...
  7. snakeye

    Good after market alh exhaust

    What the hell? This makes no sense. Did you let them know it's an older car with just a cat?
  8. snakeye

    Moving on from MKIV ?

    New civic finally looks like something I'd get, but I'd pick an mk4 over anything else that's out there. Doubt I'll ever see another car that'll beat it in terms of design and ergonomics. Everything nowadays is chrome, shiny plastics, touch screens, non tactile buttons, too many buttons; all...
  9. snakeye

    What's going on here? (oil leak)

    That's an odd fix; was there a tsb for that? I would do it, but it would require monthly changes, and would end up being more costly than a mere tube.
  10. snakeye

    What's going on here? (oil leak)

    Vent hole, huh... Maybe I'll just attach a tube and direct that oil somewhere where it won't make a mess. It seems to be working fine otherwise.
  11. snakeye

    What's going on here? (oil leak)

    So the top of my engine was a complete oily mess, so I pressure washed it, and found these first oil spots soon after. Is this the ASV shooting oil out? Can it actually do that without also having a boost leak?The oil cap seal was already replaced, and this doesn't seem to be coming from the...
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  13. snakeye

    Antenna Base Connector Cable 2003 Golf

    Well yes, you need to remove it, at least partially, to expose that connector, which should be there right in front of you
  14. snakeye

    Antenna Base Connector Cable 2003 Golf

    Wires into the hatch? That makes no sense. Can you take pictures? I did mine on my 06 Golf a few years ago. Only tricky part was figuring out how to disconnect the cable, and once I figured it out I told myself to remember for next time, but I forgot.
  15. snakeye

    Faint knocking under light throttle

    So I did this, no movement in the lifters from what I can tell. I don't know how hard you need to press, but I did as hard as I could with the back end of a plastic spatula. I also got lazy but eventually ended up pulling the serpentine belt... cause the tensioner snapped. Alt pulley was...
  16. snakeye

    Hot Rear Brakes

    Try another caliper that you know doesn't stick. I was almost in the exact same situation as you last summer: new TRW calipers and carriers, car with ESP, new MC, new booster, Akebono/Zimmerman combo, new HD cables, rear left brake line.... Rear left kept sticking. Put the old caliper back and...
  17. snakeye

    Bleeding brakes

    I did a lot of bleeding the last few years, and what I found works best for me is simply to open a bleeder valve and pump away at the brake pedal until the desired amount of fluid has been flushed. Then leave that valve open for a minute, to let any air bubble that may have entered the caliper...
  18. snakeye

    MKIV Front Door Re-Adjust, No Fender Removal!!

    Great writeup! Just did this job today, and oh man what a difference. The door was haunted, made all sorts of creaking and knocking noise, and now it's completely silent. Here's a few remarks about the job : I think you can get away with just loosening the bottom hinge only. That's all that...