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    High intake temperatures

    That was just example of the kind of numbers I’m seeing. It only stalled 3 times and those were on 95* plus days and sitting at a stop light. I watched ITAs just up I press the go and it stalled. I just didn’t remember ever seeing these kind IATs temp before .The only time I recalled seeing...
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    High intake temperatures

    Do you want a Vcds log? Just let me know what you want.
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  6. MonsterTDI09

    High intake temperatures

    It stalled about 3 times. I recall the intake temp was around 125 on a 95*day and high humidity. With the AC on the temp just takes off. When the car in regen and the Ac on the intake temp drops down to about 10*above ambient. I know the fans on super high speed.I will post some pictures so...
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    High intake temperatures

    The wax pellet thermostat pulls air exhaust. When I look at it it was close. I never had this problem before. Do you know the temperature split for the Intercooler.
  8. MonsterTDI09

    High intake temperatures

    On my 2010 Jetta the intake temps our high. Here is a example outside temp 75* intake is 102*. The engine temp is 190*. I cleaned out radiator and inter cooler with water, and bent the fins back on the A/c condenser. A couple time the engine stalled at a stop light. The no codes
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    Advice re 2006 Golf TDi purchase

    Check the cam for wear. I have 180K on my 06,no problems with auto.
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    Has anyone gotten a tune after the emmisions fix?

    I need to put my RC tune back in. I need to get a hold of him.
  11. MonsterTDI09

    Hard Start / No Start - Is your intercooler frozen? Check Here!

    How long was your drive to work? Also what was the temperature?
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    12th Annual Detroit Auto Show GTG - NAIAS 2019 - the FINAL Winterfest!

    We will be stopping for breakfast tomorrow morning at 7:30am. At Bob Evans’s in Brezzwood Pa.
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    Hesitation on Acceleration

    You should easy on when it’s cold. IIRC it has a smaller turbo and during warm up the extra boost can snap then turbo shaft..
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    I am an idiot, and I bought a TDI sight unseen!

    I would get both a tune for both engine and Dsg
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    Electric vehicles (EVs), their emissions, and future viability

    Speaking a flash in the pan. Check this out.
  16. MonsterTDI09

    Opinions on Beyer VW in Winchester, VA?

    We didn't have any disagreements. That I didn't know about. I was on time for appointments never complain about the bill. He just stop returning my phone calls. I thought maybe he got in wreck at the track or something. I stopped by the shop to find out what the problem was then he told stopped...
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    Opinions on Beyer VW in Winchester, VA?

    Jeremy at PD Autowerks is a F--- ing a hole. He doesn't work on VW TDI any more. F that guy.