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  1. bulletmoose

    Mk6 Turbo upgrade

    I’m in the same boat looking at Xman vs factory CR170. What was the outcome ?
  2. bulletmoose


    Looking to see if any AZ TDi’s what to get together for a beer ?
  3. bulletmoose

    Malone Vs Jeff Stevenson Tunes

    What platform is this for ? I have a CR and looks like most people are ALH
  4. bulletmoose

    Malone Vs Jeff Stevenson Tunes

    So here is the info I’m looking for. How are they different ? Is one tune that much stronger, better ?
  5. bulletmoose

    Malone Vs Jeff Stevenson Tunes

    I wasn’t trying to go tuner against tuner. I didn’t know anything about the past. I had Malone in the past with no issues, I’d seen your stuff come up on FB and was looking for a comparison. I should have reached out to you directly first( I did send you a FB DM).
  6. bulletmoose

    Malone Vs Jeff Stevenson Tunes

    Hahaha that answers it
  7. bulletmoose

    Malone Vs Jeff Stevenson Tunes

    I had a Malone on my last CR TDi. Picked up a 13 JSW and it’s about time to tune it. I’ve seen stuff around for Jeff. Pros, Cons to each ?
  8. bulletmoose

    CR 170 with emissions

    Has anyone done a CR170 with a ECU upgrade, but left all emissions intact ? I really enjoy my Malone 1.5 and I want more !, but I worry about emissions in my state.
  9. bulletmoose

    Glow plug light

    I forgot to give an update... After I pulled codes it was P045F EGR Intermittent stuck closed. After I cleared the codes and restarted the car I haven't seen any other lights
  10. bulletmoose

    Glow plug light

    What kinda issues we talking ?
  11. bulletmoose

    Glow plug light

    I got a 2012 jetta TDI with 28k miles and my glow plug light is flashing. I haven't got a chance to pull codes, and without codes you can't tell what's wrong. But what have people seen as the problem ?
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  15. bulletmoose

    2012 White Jetta

    Here is a few pictures of the progression of my TDI :) When I first put on the ST coils Then a little plasti dip Then onto 18" And as she sits today ..
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  20. bulletmoose

    Tucson ,AZ

    Anyone in the Tucson area ?