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  1. eb2143

    Rhode Island to Los Angeles in a Penske

    I have to say LA is one of the last places I thought I would live. We only looked here because my girlfriend is from the area and then we ended up matching in medical residency together at UCLA. So we're in Westwood. Honest to God, it's lovely. And that's coming from a New Hampshire boy for...
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  3. eb2143

    Rhode Island to Los Angeles in a Penske

    I wanted to share the experience I had on my first long distance move (May 30 - June 4, 2018). I rented a 26' Penske with tow dolly and received a 2018 model with 2,315 miles on the odometer with no-cost upgrade to a car carrier. My girlfriend and I had a friend moving to Denver so actually...
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  8. eb2143

    FS: Tools in Rhode Island

    Bump. Reasonable offers not refused.
  9. eb2143

    FS: Tools in Rhode Island

    Updated...Almost all gone! Special pricing shipped Priority mail if you take all three
  10. eb2143

    Diagnosing a vibration/shudder on the front/front right wheel

    Double check the wheel bolts are still tight. Odd that you did the repairs and had one good day without any obvious issues and now have very obvious issues.
  11. eb2143

    FS: Tools in Rhode Island

    Pending, will pm you if it falls through
  12. eb2143

    FS: Tools in Rhode Island

    Thanks PH. Once I used the hose clamp tool I was immediately kicking myself for not having it the first two years I was working on my TDI...Didn't know that about the Mityvac getting cheaper. Updated ad -- brake reset, strut socket, and VCDS cable mailed today to Club members. Will be going...
  13. eb2143

    FS: Tools in Rhode Island

    Everything spoken for. Thanks. --------------- I sold my Jetta and will likely be without a car for at least the next three years so am selling my tools. Willing to ship everything here. However, buyer pays shipping (I can do FedEx, UPS, or USPS per buyer preference). Otherwise, local pick-up...
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  15. eb2143

    Hood Latch Deflecting..

    Finally fixed, thanks in large part to wdtony I wanted to add to wdtony's excellent description above. I'm selling my car so finally developed the motivation to fix this pesky little problem so the next owner doesn't have to use a clothesline to close their hood, as I have been for the last 10...
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  19. eb2143

    FS in Rhode Island: eb's 2001 Jetta GLS TDI sedan

    Borbet, model "BS." Nice wheels in their day but a lot of surface corrosion on three of them so I don't think they're worth much now. But I think they look a little like snowflakes, so are fitting for a winter wheelset :)
  20. eb2143

    FS in Rhode Island: eb's 2001 Jetta GLS TDI sedan

    Bump. Car is up on Craigslist locally now and immediately had to sift through a few interested scammers :eek: I'd appreciate any feedback on the alternative way I could list this car and whether you think it would be more appealing. Right now it's a package deal with some flexibility for $2000...