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  1. Riflesmith

    Can a diesel specific oil be used in 2.0 CR TDI with no DPF

    I use Amsoil Signature series Max Duty 5w30 in my 2015 Golf. The DOHC engines experience no problems with a 5w30, so why not use the thinner oil and experience the slight gain in fuel economy?
  2. Riflesmith

    Break in oil on BRM rebuild?

    15W-50. I disconnected the fuel-cut solenoid during cranking prior to first start until I had full oil pressure and oil coming from disconnected turbo oil drain. Then I buttoned everything up and started the engine.
  3. Riflesmith

    2015 CVCA timing belt instructions?

    Get an engine support cradle that supports the engine via chains from above. Rubber feet engage hood to fender channel. Works well. Harbor Freight sells them. I have used mine many times.
  4. Riflesmith

    2015 CVCA timing belt instructions?

    Yes, same instructions for CRUA. I have replaced a belt on the CVCA Passat. Pretty straightforward with proper tools. Placement of the DEF piping makes access to the timing cover quite awkward. That is the only complaint I had.
  5. Riflesmith

    Totally Confused over MK7 Oil for 507

    I'm on my second EA288, first a Passat, now a Golf. 5W30 CK4 Signature Series Amsoil in both. No issues over many miles and it is delivered to my door. Hassle free.
  6. Riflesmith

    Winterized diesel fuel

    Winterized diesel fuel is supposed to mean fuel with a lowered CFPP and gel point via anti-gel additives. These additives shouldn't effect fuel energy content. Winter blend diesel fuel has #1 diesel added in some quantity. This is a reliable way to lower CFPP and gel point, but does reduce the...
  7. Riflesmith

    02 Golf HE221W "Build" thread

  8. Riflesmith

    Any old-timers left? (I joined in 1999.)

    It has been quite a while. 8 TDI cars later, I'm still here!
  9. Riflesmith

    Any Wyoming peeps here?

    I am in Lovell. Will be passing through Rock Springs sometimes on my way to see family in Utah.
  10. Riflesmith

    2015 Golf TDI SEL DSG $10,000

    I feel for you. Going through my second (and last) divorce at present. I will never live with a woman again.
  11. Riflesmith

    2003 Jetta wagon 5 speed, New Mexico car, paint shines like new $5695.00

    Free bump. I should have family members that will be interested.
  12. Riflesmith

    2015 Passat TDI oil quanity 4.5 QT?

    You endeavor weakly to entertain. I won't play along. VW demonstrated how deep their corporate knowledge went in the lubrication arena when they came out with PD engines AND the silly 505.01 oil spec. The suggestion that a thin 30 weight oil could keep those silly, narrow cam lobes from...
  13. Riflesmith

    2015 Passat TDI oil quanity 4.5 QT?

    I don't use 504/507. The question is irrelevant since I gave him capacities in both liters and quarts.
  14. Riflesmith

    2015 Passat TDI oil quanity 4.5 QT?

    Thanks for the lesson. If you read my unedited post, you will find that it begins with "5.7 liters". Additionally, the OP is from Iowa and is likely comfortable with quarts, which remain very common when it comes to oil containers in the heartland of the USA.
  15. Riflesmith

    2015 Passat TDI oil quanity 4.5 QT?

    Or, you could heed the advice already given by someone that actually has a EA288 powered car, and has completed 11 oil changes while owning it. For some mysterious reason, it takes six quarts every time.
  16. Riflesmith

    2015 Passat TDI oil quanity 4.5 QT?

    5.7 liters or around 6 quarts in mine.
  17. Riflesmith

    Bmw 520d

    Made my day. Thanks.
  18. Riflesmith

    WTB. Two 1.9L ALH Stock Rods

    franko6 has used rods. He can fix you up.
  19. Riflesmith

    Oil and fuel filter, '12 vs '15

    Anyone that has changed filters in these cars is aware that the filter media hangs in the canister below a lip at the top of the filter. As long as the lip area is the same there is no problem. You made a post critical of my actions without knowing the facts. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  20. Riflesmith

    Oil and fuel filter, '12 vs '15

    Flying off the handle again even though you have no clue. The 1" difference in length is in the filter media length. The tops of both filters are identical. If you had both of them side-by-side, like I did, you wouldn't jump to conclusions. Substituting this filter in a '15 presents no problem.