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    Im in need of rear hatch window on my 2002 Jetta TDI station wagon 1.9l Deisel

    Wasn’t talking about pulling the glass…….. was talking about doing a rear hatch swap.
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    Im in need of rear hatch window on my 2002 Jetta TDI station wagon 1.9l Deisel

    What about getting a whole hatch from a pick and pull……gonna be cheaper than that….if your lucky it will be the same color…..
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    2002 Golf - I'm back in a TDI!

    That’s when you know your good 🤣🤣😉
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    HVAC door doesn't close all the way

    While your there id change out the heater core now….
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    A/C foam

    Yeah I have several of his kits sitting on my shelf for our cars…..
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    HVAC door doesn't close all the way

    Are you moving the cable by hand or using the controls from the car?
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    05.05 nb bew auto axle interchange

    What about some of our vendors over seas?
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    Rednecks and Road Debri

    That won’t stop the smell from seeping in…..,
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    Preventive is almost always a good thing - have antoher one ;)

    I’ve just cut inverted “V” notch at the bottom of the liner so nothing stay behind it. I occasionally use a garden hose on the windshield cowl and flush out the cavity from the top.
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    Where do you pour PAG oil into A/C compressor?

    I’m assuming you’re replacing the receiver dryer too? Are you flushing the system? I would put the recommended amounts into each components that are changed…..usually there’s a chart on how much oil each component gets , I wouldn’t really worry about adding to the line you can add a little more...
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    Rednecks and Road Debri

    Rules for the lh lane… least here in NJ. Lead , follow or get out of the way…….we get a lot of A’holes that are in the fast lane . Speed limit is 55….traffic is flowing at 65 with the state troopers in the mix……but someone has to be doing 54 in the left lane……and there’s 3 lanes….8 out of 10...
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    cloud of blueish smoke on startups.

    I had a similar issue on my 01 golf , only on start up would have a blue smoke cloud rest of the day it would be fine , car had 392,xxx miles on it when I pulled the head , I had other issues , broken GP for the last 10 years and head gasket leaking due to some power mods. When I pulled the head...
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    Common rail 2.0 tdi CBBB no start - p0087 low fuel pressure

    Glad to hear it’s fixed and thanks for the update.
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    ALH camshaft wear

    What about rynap? He’s on your side of the pond I believe.
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    ALH Rear main seal question

    I’ve tied rags around my wrists to keep water from running down my arms. Also use a clean rag and make a bandanna for my head , and that works pretty well.
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    ALH camshaft wear

    Buy one from Franko6 or from one of our on line vendors here…..they won’t steer you wrong.
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    ALH Rear main seal question

    In gloves I’ll sweat , like a whore In church, it will be running down my arms if working overhead ,but not so much without them. Only good thing is , if your hands have dirt ground in , wear the gloves and sweat … will clean the ground in dirt quite well ….
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    2002 Golf - I'm back in a TDI!

    Pkhoury …you have web address for them , tried putting the name in but kept getting error messages.
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    RPM dont stop 0

    What happens when you connect Vcds with Eng running and compare what Vcds is seeing versus what the guage is reading? If it’s the same leave it alone , If the two are different pull the cluster , take the front cover off , pull the pointer off and reset it to zero or as close as you can that...