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  1. thebigarniedog

    Chevy Cruze Diesel 2017

    It seems that Chevy is planning a diesel Cruze with a six speed manual for 2017. It seems that the engine size will be around 1.6 which is the sweet spot for size. Maybe there is is hope for this forum. The Cruze is a nice car (I have a 1.4 turbo eco six speed manual). I will link the story when...
  2. thebigarniedog

    No more Diesel for US from VW

    Welcome to Pennocks Fiero Forum. Choices and consequences and I am not just talking about what VW did ........
  3. thebigarniedog

    VW Dieselgate engineer sings like a canary: Entire design team was in on it

    Simple: Compare the fuel needs of a vehicle that obtains 20mpg vs. the fuel needs of a vehicle that obtains 30mpg or a vehicle that obtains 40mpg to travel the same distances. How does that extra fuel needed arrive at the fuel station? Magic is not the answer. Does that extra fuel need...
  4. thebigarniedog

    VW Dieselgate engineer sings like a canary: Entire design team was in on it

    One more time. It is hard for some people to accept the truth. Most are blinded by their own set of beliefs that override reality. Reality will always challenge these self imposed blinders and will continue to become inconvenient requiring more fantasy to restore the balance. This seems apparent...
  5. thebigarniedog

    Where or how to get a wheel bearing fixed - 2004

    It is far easier and cheaper (then a shop would charge) and requires few tools to buy the front knuckle assemblies for both driver and passenger side with new bearings already installed and swap them out with your existing knuckles then it is to pull and replace the bearings. You will need a...
  6. thebigarniedog

    VW Won't Attempt to Regain Diesel Leadership in US; Many TDI Models May Never Return

    The agenda that some have against diesel made this outcome all too predictable when this whole mess started. Re-read the news articles and this is apparent with the attitude that regulators have for diesel. This club straddled the fence while it was happening. Welcome to Pennocks Fiero Forum, an...
  7. thebigarniedog

    Unfair for recent sellers of tdi?

    It is a matter of perspective. The car did not stop running. The interior did not melt. The car produces tremendously less environmental impact than that of most other vehicles on the roadway measured from the oil well forward. Like a stock receiving bad news the impact of the software program...
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    Wait, so the forum dedicated solely to TDI's won't allow people to post about the TDI

    This site exists for the discussion of tdi related matters. Content comes from the people who visit this site. Content comes from the vehicle engine for which the site is so named. By analogy, 10 people post different threads regarding their upgrades to their vehicle for shocks/struts. Should...
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    Wait, so the forum dedicated solely to TDI's won't allow people to post about the TDI

    Name calling toward the moderators is completely unwarranted. They are following their instructions. The answer to your question though is "yes there is no meaningful discussion of what occurred allowed". What little is allowed is lumped into a super-thread which effectively destroys such...
  10. thebigarniedog

    VW Diesels loss of value Interesting as those waiting for a bailout now have to wait till June 28 to find out what that bailout will be. It is also interesting how all sales on this forum have stopped pending the hope of such a bailout to...
  11. thebigarniedog

    European Approval on Emission Recall
  12. thebigarniedog

    What's up with VW Vortex?

    No different than this site. No meaningful coverage or dialogue. My turbo diesel site has surpassed this site sad too say. Actually surprised VW has not enforced their trademark here.....
  13. thebigarniedog

    2006 Diesel mileage ? ? ?

    That mileage is in line with what that vehicle should return, especially with an automatic transmission.
  14. thebigarniedog

    VW US CEO resigns

    The issue is "viable" and that is in the eye of the beholder per my above post. It appears that the regulatory agencies are content to drag it out. VW is caught in a haze of not understanding how to deal with the situation. A piecemeal campaign of VW loyalty and staged proposals will not and has...
  15. thebigarniedog

    VW US CEO resigns

    I would, precisely to avoid what the anti-deisel crowd is successfully doing ....... drag it out and kill it. VW needs to get loud and bypass the goberment folks with their comprehensive solutions. That solution should have included the loyalty money. BTW, it is not a big coincidence that it is...
  16. thebigarniedog

    Survey on Dieselgate and TDIClub

    The sad part is that if you want any information on what is going on you will not find it on this website because of the "threadzilla" decision. This is supposed to be an enthusiast site for the Tdi, but yet that is lacking. The news is getting bleaker and pretty soon it will turn into a "if...
  17. thebigarniedog

    Survey on Dieselgate and TDIClub

    A survey? How about opening the entire emissions section up for a multi topic discussion on the ramifications of what occurred and the future (or more correctly stated, the lack of future) of the tdi, because of what has occurred. Lets go one more step and push to support VW as this might be an...
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    FS: 1998 Jetta MK3 TDI Ohio

    Selling my 1998 Mk3 Jetta Tdi. Car has sunroof and sunroof wind visor; manual crank windows and Air Conditioning. Other options listed below. Car has two sets of wheels. The winter wheels are currently on (ie winter tires with steel wheels). Aluminum wheels are part of sale as well. Good tread...
  19. thebigarniedog

    Newbie wants to express - ask for – forgiveness and understanding

    Awesome Trolling post :rolleyes:. The haul is already impressive!