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  1. TornadoRed

    03 tdi golf ALH 211719 miles, complete car, 01M iffy Louisa Virginia

    That's for sure. I've picked up two '03 Jetta wagons in the last two years -- got a good deal on both, similar prices on both. But one is definitely worth more than I paid, while the other with some recent hail damage is worth less.
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    SOLD: NOW WITH PICS! MUST GO NOW! FS 2002 Jetta Wagon, Silver, 5 spd manual, SF Bay Area. Good car, timing belt broke, 228,118 miles.

    Time to show some photos. You may get some interest, but with all the work that needs to be done, it might not sell for much. I do appreciate your narrative.
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    One Million Mile Mark !!!

    Still two months away. Maybe by Thanksgiving.
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    Diesel Motorcycle
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    (Not mine) 02 Jetta, only $15,500! Red Deer AB

    The ad mentions "12 mm Giles injection pump." Has anyone dealt with Giles lately. I was told he is either 1) hard to get hold of, or 2) too busy working on injection systems for pickup trucks to deal with ALH injection pumps.
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    99 2 Door 5-Speed ALH in Edmonton

    Unless the neighbor's son replaced all of the timing belt parts in the last couple of years, the prospective buyer should plan on doing that immediately after purchase.
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    Cat 2 micron fuel filter replacement schedule?

    I haven't been replacing the Cat filters on a particular schedule -- I don't think I've gone more than 100k miles, but maybe I have.
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    MN Chat Thread

    It is not a rumor. The odometer will freeze at 999,999 kilometers or the equivalent number of miles -- unless you find someone with the software that lets you roll back the numbers. The actual distance will continue to be recorded in the engine computer.
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    2002 Golf with 17/22 turbo in western Ny $2000

    It's ugly but sounds like it has a lot of good parts.
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    Trusted TDI Mechanics - By State

    From NW Arkansas your best choice are all north toward Kansas City: Cool Air VW, Ben's TDI Service (who used to travel, don't know if he still does), or Glen's VW Repair. TDI Mechanics
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    I was in central Wisconsin today, where diesel was the same or slightly less than regular gasoline at several stations. But at GasBuddy, diesel was $3.30-3.35 at many stations between Black River Falls and Menomonee.
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    For Sale: 02 Jetta TDI Manual - 186k Miles - Los Angeles - $7k OBO

    If his mechanic said not to worry about it then it's probably a glow plug fault. Not really an issue in Georgia.
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    For Sale: 02 Jetta TDI Manual - 186k Miles - Los Angeles - $7k OBO

    The car has Fulton County, Georgia, plates. So it must not be subject to smog tests, and it is over 20 years old.
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    Diagnosing and Fixing Limp mode for A4 1.9TDI [low power troubleshooting]

    I just remembered the name of the sound you described; it's called a "choo." It's more common with the VE engines, but if you have a tandem pump then you must have a PD engine. I've not owned one of those and don't know enough to make any other suggestions.
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    Diagnosing and Fixing Limp mode for A4 1.9TDI [low power troubleshooting]

    First off, some TDIs make that sound and some don't. And most people seem to like that sound and wonder how to replicate it in a TDI that doesn't make it. It really has nothing to do with limp mode. Secondly, many things can cause limp mode, but typically either the turbo actuator is sticky or...
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    WTB ALH In Georgia, USA

    Good luck. Make sure you get a documented maintenance and repair record. And a clear title, of course.
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    I do not have the before-and-after alignment specs on the white Jetta wagon I sold last summer. But the notes in my spreadsheet say that the rear calipers and hubs were both shimmed.
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    An alignment expert can adjust the rear alignment with shims, if the wheels are leaning in at the top (negative camber) and the tires are wearing on the inner edges. I was lucky enough to find an alignment expert but they can be hard to track down.
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    My daily driver Golf has VR6 springs in front and Jetta wagon springs in back. Nice amount of lift without the Metalnerd package.