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  1. astonishedboy

    HowTo: MK4 Headliner Replacement

    Can’t beleive you didn’t go with shag!
  2. astonishedboy

    Driver side door leak

    I noticed the same thing on my, no sunroof, dripping on my arm during heavy rain.
  3. astonishedboy

    Door Latch module(s)?

    I am having similar issues with my Golf. Not that a previous owner had f'ed with it, but the CCM has been acting wonky for some time. I suspect that when I wired up my multifunction steering wheel, there was a misplaced wire, and now there is a ghost in the machine. Sometimes the fob will...
  4. astonishedboy

    FS: 2000 2 door Golf TDI 5 spd, one owner

    Nice Looking car! Those door liners are hilarious! was that an easy mod? I'm Thinking of selling mine golf as well, but it is in no where near as good condition!
  5. astonishedboy

    WTB ALH Turbo

    I've got one from a 2000 Golf. taken apart and cleaned around 92k mi, taken off at 137k mi. Been a while since I looked at it, but I think it still has the actuator. I don't know what shipping would be but what would you pay for the turbo?
  6. astonishedboy


    You just need to download the software from their website. I don't believe there is a charge to download it, but I'm not sure what OS it works with. I have it on an old windows XP laptop. The cable acts as the activation code. I have the Hex-Can version of the cable. How about the OBD...
  7. astonishedboy


    Hey, Falcon, I have a Ross Tech cable, but I'm looking for OBD eleven. Maybe we can do a swap. I'm in Pittsburgh. Do you have the Pro version?
  8. astonishedboy

    Won't go into gear with engine running

    It is either the throwout bearing, or the pressure plate on my Golf. Probably just going to replace to whole kit, since it has around 60k on it.
  9. astonishedboy

    Won't go into gear with engine running

    I had this same thing just happen to my Golf on Tuesday. It does move forward with my foot on the clutch, like I'm driving an Auto trans. At first I was thinking clutch cylinder, but I'm troubled now it is worse. What causes this?
  10. astonishedboy

    Fender/rocker panel rusting: what to do? Any recourse with dealer/VW?

    My rust is much worse than this... I've been putting it off for too long now, but I was well beyond the warranty period anyway. I think the splash guards make it worse... moisture collects and it doesn't dry out.
  11. astonishedboy

    Check your radiator/condenser fan operation NOW

    So I had the compressor replaced and the system recharged. Compressor clutch still doesn't kick in when AC switched on. But it does click when battery power is applied. Voltage going to compressor is 9v between the pins unplugged. So my question is what is the next most common part to fail...
  12. astonishedboy

    Check your radiator/condenser fan operation NOW

    Well, I was going to swap the clutch for the working used one, but when taking the nut off of the compressor pulley on the car, the nut sheered off :( Guess I'll be putting a whole new compressor on :( According to your last post, Jason, you say I shouldn't use a used compressor, as I'm not...
  13. astonishedboy

    Check your radiator/condenser fan operation NOW

    Thanks for the responses, dan and Jason. Being that my multimeter doesn't meas duty cyc, I was trying to test all the voltages I could. I applied battery 12v directly to compressor, and no clutch still... So I'm guessing it is the coil... Haven't measured the resistances yet. I was thinking it...
  14. astonishedboy

    Check your radiator/condenser fan operation NOW

    The trouble shooting guide, step twelve, says to test for a pulsing reference voltage at T14/3. Is this different than testing for voltage to a ground? It says this voltage originates from the FCM. So I'm confused, am I to test this with the T14 plugged in? I'm getting zero volts unplugged...
  15. astonishedboy

    AC is blowing hot air

    Thank fauxphox and ninedee, I have the same problem... went through two summers with it. It's awful and I don't even live in the warmer climates like you. I'm going to try to tackle this soon.
  16. astonishedboy

    ALH engine very loud, possible causes?

    any updates? I have the same issue, put most noise at 2000 RPM. It causes vibration that I feel in the foot well. It is almost a grinding noise, or metal on metal rubbing noise.
  17. astonishedboy

    ABS warning Light

    Old thread, but I'm doing this now. You said you used anti seize when you put the new sensor in. I was thinking that this could affect the magnets somehow. Anyway, I'll just use grease. I was wondering if wire brush on the teeth is a good idea.
  18. astonishedboy

    2002 Jetta TDI Parts

    thanks for the hose!
  19. astonishedboy

    Parting: 2001 Golf 5-Door Golf, TDI, Auto - NY

    How about the rubber hose from the upper intercooler pipe to the egr valve?
  20. astonishedboy

    2002 Jetta TDI Parts

    Is that the pressure hose from the upper inter cooler pipe to the egr valve? How bout $15