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  1. pkhoury

    The Ford 1L 3 cylinder EcoBlast

    This came up on my newsfeed, taking a break from looking up VW stuff. What a piece of crap! EPA fuel estimates state 25mpg average. So half the displacement of my ALH, but also almost half the fuel economy!? This guy has a great teardown video. Makes me think of any VW shortcomings as minor...
  2. pkhoury

    A/C foam

    I'd have to contact his sister and find out. I don't think there was an SD card on my printer, though.
  3. pkhoury

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    What did I do today... and yesterday. Sent off a spare set of 2003 injectors to the shop I use in North Texas to install new .260 Wuzetem's that @BleachedBora sold me and sent @burpod a BEW ECU to see if he can work some magic on it, so I can finally sell my BEW wagon. Today - picked up two...
  4. pkhoury

    New RNS-510 thread

    Figured I'd make a new RNS-510 thread. Was doing some research on here and elsewhere. Some brief background: I first got an RNS-510 rev A on my 2010 JSW. I've since upgraded it to firmware 1140, enabled video in motion, and have already had to replace the DVD drive. I've since upgraded to a rev...
  5. pkhoury

    5382 RNS-510 Navigation Firmware Upgrade

    And if you read through that page, it specifies it is NOT for North American RNS-510 headunits. More than likely, those firmware revisions just won't load. Worst case scenario, you'll brick your headunit.
  6. pkhoury

    5382 RNS-510 Navigation Firmware Upgrade

    To anyone still interested, I shared them on dropbox in another thread here: Money would be nice (LOL), but honestly, I don't want anyone's money. I didn't pay for these, and neither...
  7. pkhoury

    RNS 510 Firmware update SW V4366 download

    I just picked up two rev E RNS-510 in the junkyard today (and have been an RNS-510 user since my first TDI in 2010, anyways). That said, I thought I might've had 4366 for Rev E-H, and sure enough, I do. Not sure how long dropbox will host this, but here's a link...
  8. pkhoury

    Clutch wear question/pressure plate question

    Interesting idea I didn't think about.
  9. pkhoury

    Blew a wad!😁

    Always the dilemma with our used TDIs... unforeseen maintenance issues. Hope you get your JSW back up to snuff, though. I had my gf buy a 2011 JSW recently. Already had to do the TB, shocks and struts, I think I already tackled brake fluid, install my old dieselgeek skidplate, but still need to...
  10. pkhoury

    HPFP Failure 165K miles - Repair Experience

    I do. But wouldn't a CP3 work in the V6 as well?
  11. pkhoury

    Ran over dead deer this am

    I don't know why I bought grey, but I installed that with Brian back in 2021, and I found A LOT of the gasket came off, and was in the oil pickup line. But I still use the excuse that I had a concussion around that time, given that we swapped transmissions (so I could put in my LSD) and I reused...
  12. pkhoury

    A/C foam

    Honestly never really thought of it that way. Even Brian suggested I get into 3D printing, but I don't know the first thing about drawing something out, don't know about CAD, and I'm pretty far from being an engineer.
  13. pkhoury

    A/C foam

    It's VERY handy. Especially if you have an immo3 cluster (which works in an immo2 or immo3 car), you can do so many different mods. Needle sweeping (which just looks cool), cruise control LED on cruise activation, changing the door chime/error sound, speedometer calibration, etc etc. And of...
  14. pkhoury

    A/C foam

    I have some of his pieces, possibly a whole kit in one of my toolboxes. I think I got 2 or 3 kits from him sometime last year, of which one went on a car I fixed and flipped.
  15. pkhoury

    HPFP Failure 165K miles - Repair Experience

    I'll have to find one. A user named 2micron had a kit, but pulled out of the TDI game after dieselgate was announced. That's what I have on my JSW. Fantastic fuel pump, definitely more power (what you'd see in a modern Duramax or Cummins). I know several vendors have kits available.
  16. pkhoury

    A/C foam

    There's ways to change it though, thanks to @gmenounos ' kw1281test, a VCDS cable, and a utility like dashdumpedit. I cheat and have ColorMFA, so it reads me the value straight off the CAN/K-line bus, but the engine temp gauge reflects what the actual temp is, not just shoots up to the middle...
  17. pkhoury

    A/C foam

    I don't think so. Last I heard from his sister, his teenage nephew was making them until the 3D printer broke. I wish I could somehow get the files and make them myself, as I ended up with a nice 3D printer from his estate. True story - Brian was originally selling them for like 30-40 bucks a...
  18. pkhoury

    Ran over dead deer this am

    I used Permatex Ultra Black and this wonderful device - It makes getting RTV out a lot less painful and more precise. Yeah, I'd stay away from premade gaskets for the oil pan and just use RTV, but one like Ultra...
  19. pkhoury

    WTB: Looking for manual trans 5 SPD for 2005 mk4. Located in Calgary

    mk5 transmissions won't work in a BEW. 02J from an ALH will work, but you won't have cruise control in 5th gear unless you retune the ECU.
  20. pkhoury

    VCDS VAG-COM Locator

    Good to know!