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    Possible biodiesel hype?

    This site hasn't changed much since I was here last.:D
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    Germany Automakers' Hybrid Efforts Plagued by Technical Problems

    Because they didn't use the most up-to-date safest technology? Do a little research about lithium-ion batteries using phosphate based cathodes instead of cobalt-oxide bases cathodes. Or even lithium-polymer with gel-type electrolyte. Technology advances on as usual.
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    Effects of burning fossil fuels:

    That is false and is belittling the true achievements of our current economy. Sounds like you don't know the difference between the GDP and the GNP. GDP is......... GNP is....... Your...
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    Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive, regen braking might have stepped on a patent... oops...

    Reuters | 11:54 am, February 14, 2007 WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- Was the outcome going to be any different considering the history of Solomon Technologies? They are just looking for a free ride and in other ways are manipulating the stock market.
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    Effects of burning fossil fuels: and the seal pups concur....... California Seal Pups Predict Pacific Ocean Cooling Sure is something that the critters know more than the...
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    Effects of burning fossil fuels:

    What came out was not the real science report, it was the "The IPCC Summary for Policymakers" that is put together by political appointees, not by the scientists themselves. The real report comes out in a couple of months. But of course the way they put it together makes it look like the...
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    VW disbands brand groups Oh yes, they are doing so bad.:rolleyes: When VW reaches even 500k units in the U.S. you let me know.;)
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    Who Killed the Electric Car?

    Let me preface this with the fact that I've helped build/convert three electric cars, drive a electric vehicle at work by choice, and am seriously thinking about converting my old '74 SunBug to electric. But the program you have seen is nothing but B/S hooey! With that said this article...
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    Stick this in your Bin and smoke it!: GM & Honda ahead of the curve : 0

    I had a 6.2L Suburban that had close to 350K miles on it when I sold it. Besides regular maintenance items the only things I ever replaced because of failure were a couple of injector lines. I know a few guys who are still running the so-called crapy 350 GM diesels and are well over 500k...
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    Stick this in your Bin and smoke it!: GM & Honda ahead of the curve : 0

    Maybe, just maybe they are designing a good diesel this time and don't want to put it out on the market until it is a viable product? This is a brand new design that they are working on with the full intention of putting in SUV's and light duty pick-ups. They won't sell it until it is ready.
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    Think hybrids are the only way to be efficient? Think again ... And again your negative speculating has been proven wrong. Give it up will ya?
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    Asked a guru about ULSD, here is what he said.

    "Stuff" coming in from where? If it is coming straight from the refinery it is to be expected. The distributor/sellor will be required to add lubricity additives to match their own formula that the want to sell at the pump to meet ASTM D975 lubricity standards. We've had ULSD for fleets up...
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    Another nonsense Consumer Report

    My '74 SunBug fell off a jack stand once and bit me!:D Good thing I was only partially under the car at the time.
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    Another nonsense Consumer Report

    This I know. I tested a new Mercedes ML350 and found that the quality of it wasn't much up to par. The transmission would develop a mind of its' own and do such a severe downshift slowing to a stop it would actually make the tires squeal. And then the rear hatch twice flew open on its' own...
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    No love for diesels?

    You are about 7 years behind and very ignorant of the proper procedures concerning hybrid cars when they are involved in a crash. Hybrid Myths Like the article said. Start educating yourself to hybrid technology.
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    Nox/particulate filters So, are you going to disagree with that National Academy of Sciences committee also?:rolleyes: A 90% reduction isn't good enough for you and when fleet turnover causes a further reduction because of newer emission standards it...
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    Nox/particulate filters

    Good thing the facts don't match your rant. 2001 Status and Trends Trends in CO Levels and Emissions Nationally,the 2001 ambient average CO concen tration is almost 62 percent lower than that for 1982 and is the lowest level recorded...
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    2008 Jetta TDI sighted!!! (pics)

    Please answer this.... Who wrote this...... And then answer why he was proven wrong.;)
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    2008 Jetta TDI sighted!!! (pics)

    It's no good TM. He's not worth arguing with. There is no rational thought there. Hopefully he'll just move on soon to his next cause célèbre. We will just continue driving our diesels as we have been doing for a long time and watch as more choices arrive on the market providing a great...
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    2008 Jetta TDI sighted!!! (pics)

    I don't agree with your analogies, but I do understand were you are coming from. My point was a response to the "if you drive a SUV you must be funding terrorists" comment. Which is BS. Reducing consumption is easy. It just takes choices that most people are not willing to make. And is sure...