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    VWAG launches trade-in incentive for older diesels; European SW update for Euro 5/6

    Any speculation on whether such a deal might be extended to the US? Our ALH wagon, at 373,000+ miles, is already the lowest $TCO/mi vehicle I ever bought. If I could buy a new hybrid, for what amounts to factory cost, I might be tempted.
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    How to repair your Jettawagon cargo cover.

    Great instructions. Our cargo cover failed at a paltry 359,000 miles. :) I was not surprised to learn that VW only sells the whole assembly. Having had to previously repair the console latch&hinge, and the glove box latch, I was surprised to learn that the usual suspect aftermarket sources...
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    Key fobs stopped working?

    + down When the problem is: keyfob stopped working after changing battery re-check new battery polarity. It may be +down in the holder, which is counter-intuitive with most similar holders.
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    NHTSA Update on CR HPFP failure investigation

    in the wider context... Thanks for posting that link to INCR-EA11003-61863. They could, of course, have more simply stated the REASON FOR CLOSING as: The affected vehicles are all going to be recalled for a more important problem, and crushed or resold in Elbonia.
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    2006 Diesel mileage ? ? ?

    You've at least changed the oil, right? doonboggle: ... and have never changed anything. Air and fuel filters would be worth a look. Concur on the timing belt, just due to time (it's supposed to have been a 100,000 mile item on that year, but still...)
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    Volkswagen Passat & Golf Security Flaw Kept Secret By VW

    Short term solution, one way or the other re: Best yet: leave your fob in the microwave with the door shut. Only until you have another RF-shielding solution. If you put it in the μwave, it's just a matter of time before you, or some other family member, fries the fob, and they aren't cheap...
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    Volkswagen's Clean Air Act violations on 2009+ TDIs spark huge recall, investigations

    Who dun it mk3: As a member of the Engineering community I am embarrassed by this. The Engineers certainly had to design this software and one would think it raised ethical questions. Assuming the allegations are true as presented*, it strikes me as at least possible that this was an...
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    2015 Golf TDI sets new US mileage record - 81.17 mpg

    And the route was downhill all the way re: I hate a Hypermiler......I guarantee that the drive was unsafe and Dangerous... The photos only show the front view of that car. On the back was a big sign saying: HONK REPEATEDLY IF YOU LOVE HYPERMILERS (then get over it - you can pass us ...
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    NHTSA Update on CR HPFP failure investigation

    Watch your mail box. re: Does anyone really believe that this HPFP warranty extension and the closing of the NHTSA investigation are unrelated? Yes, I do. Apart from the recently revealed fact that NHTSA is more incompetent than anyone could have guessed, I would have expected any linked...
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    NHTSA Update on CR HPFP failure investigation

    Too little, too late re: Extended warranty covers 2009 - 2012 models. But not 2013 or 2014. That won't help move any stale '14s still on the lots, unless they had a different factory warranty that makes this extension moot. re: Doesn't take a great deal of looking through these forums to find...
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    NHTSA Update on CR HPFP failure investigation

    Why it took so long for EA-11003 to result in nothing. All over the press today. Typical report: Autoblog: NHTSA isn't as thorough as you think
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    NHSTA ends investigation...

    Dat's whut i thot re: By the time you get that "warning", your fuel system is toast. Thanks for confirming my suspicion. I knew about or concur with your other remarks.
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    NHSTA ends investigation...

    Implications of warning. re: ... 100% were given warning of at least 1 mile and up to 60 miles, before failure (CEL, chimes etc.). This from data retrieved from the cars involved. Pay attention and you won't get wacked. ... What triggers the alarm? Is irreversible systemic damage already in...
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    Wait a year to buy MDB EA288 engine?

    As long as parts are available re: ... 2004 Jetta TDI PD with 226K miles. I have been doing the timing belt changes every 80K ... Do I spend that money on the car or use it for a new car. We have a 2003 ALH wagon now at 336K miles (timing belt every 100K). Going in for major front suspension...
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    VW says AWD SportWagen coming in 2016

    But my calendar says 2015 >> The JSW sold less than 20,000 units YTD. VW isn't going to convince the US to buy wagons, in the land of CUVs and SUVs. What were once wagons, morphed into CUVs (Outback). > Don't forget they stopped building them mid-year, and dealers were selling off remaining...
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    Volkswagen Unveils 272 HP 2-Liter Diesel Engine and 10-Speed DSG

    Should I be at 3.478:1 or 3.473:1 ? > ... a robust CVT is far superior in every way. The engine is almost always in it's best RPM range for power and or efficiency. I've also seen it asserted that a CVT is never sure if it's at the optimum ratio. I've also heard that they are noisy, and...
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    VW says AWD SportWagen coming in 2016

    You are expected to pay more for that, much more > A little over an inch increase in ride height? I was hoping for more than that. Just getting that inch may have caused a major battle between the Golf marketing team and the Tiguan and Toureg teams. I'd be happy with the current clearance &...
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    Can one of you new Mk7 owners confirm B20 is OK?

    B5 or B at risk Has VW said why the EA288 has a B5 limit? Historically, the conjecture was the risk of oil dilution. If that's still the concern, we might expect them to also say that if you have to run BD higher than B5, you need a shorter oil change cycle.
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    NHTSA Update on CR HPFP failure investigation

    Complaining here isn't as effective as ... > Looks like my Jetta falls into that .11 percent of those VW who almost killed the driver. My wife, lost power right in the middle of a very busy intersection. The car died couldn't start it . File a complaint...
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    Rebuilt 01M warning

    01M's time has passed > I knew better than dealing with a salvage yard 01M ... If someone with a dead 01M has a salvage yard available, it might make a lot more sense to find a hulk with a 5-speed, and do a stick swap. When our 2nd 01M bites the dust, we plan to do a swap (unless VW has a new...