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    Upload Site Live - Just uploaded Docs

    Documents accepted on 11/1/16 with a note an offer would come in 10 days. Looked on line today and they changed note to open ended with no promise of any date or time of an offer. Guess I'll enter it in spreadsheet and see what happens
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    FS: Rare Jetta TDI cup rear spoiler

    I have a Caractere rear spoiler that was fitted on the TDI cup race cars back in 2010 . Hard to find. Not a vw accessory but profile used on race cars. Easy bolt on. Currently painted blue but easily repainted. Comes with mounting hardware. Easy install in 10 minutes with no drilling. Was...
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    Who has the most miles on their 2015 Passat TDI and how it holding up?

    Have a 2013 with 80,000. Just a rear wheel bearing.
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    KII-USB vagcom

    If this works on my 2013 passat TDI i can offer $150 shipped. Got a check engine light to address and a ways from dealer.
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    Block heater on my passat

    I too live in Northern NY and installed the frost heater myself in a few hours. Just need a helper for about 5 minutes to work one hose on. Worth every penny, especially at 25 below zero days . Car starts right up and idles smooth. No issues . Mike
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    FS: H&R rear sway bar Passat NMS

    I have a like new H&R 24mm rear sway bar I took off my Passat. Used about three months. Comes with bushings and original box and paperwork. It was just to harsh and noisy for the -20F days and potholed farm roads up here in Northern NY. $250 new. Asking $190 plus shipping
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    Syracuse/CNY Passat TDIers?

    I would be game for cover work. Since it's usually a bit colder up here in Canton. Hit -36f here twice last winter. I installed a Frostheater in November. I can see how a cover would help with salt too. Thanks Mike
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    40K service checklist

    My local dealer in Watertown NY was $508 for 40k which included DSG service too. Thought is was a fair price.
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    H&R swaybar squeaking when cold

    My H&R rear swaybar squeaks pretty bad at 15 degrees or colder. Anyone have any suggestions to quieting it down? I may have to go back to stock bar for winter:) Thanks
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    Syracuse/CNY Passat TDIers?

    Canton. A ways from syracuse. Getting ready to upgrade suspension in spring. In watertown for service work usually
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    2012 Passat DSG+Snow=FAIL

    I am running 16" steelies with 205/60 blizzaks running 30 psi up here chewing up some lake effect snow. No issues with my dsg and snow performance. Thought my newly installed stiff h&r rear sway bar may make things a bit tail happy, but smooth sailing. Sorry I can't help
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    Aint seen nuttin yet: B8 looks utterly spectacular, ja?

    Don't really know what is in store for the US market but I do know my tour of Chattanooga plant was cancelled for late December. Reasons stated model year changeover and they don't want anyone in the plant. I am hoping for the best!
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    What music sounds best on your Fender Sound System

    I was big into car audio in the 80's and 90's. ADS, Rockford Fostgate, MB quart, etc. I find the Fender is quite impressive , but only with CD's. Sirius, iPhone , and radio are best left at reasonable sound levels. My favorite near full volume tracks are : Rush: Moving Pictures, especially yyz...
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    2012+ Passat owners - How old are you?

    50 yrs old. 2013 passat tdi sel
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    Sway Bar Advice needed

    Its been a year since this post but wanted to check in. I sold my Jetta TDI cup edition to my son and we just bought a 2013 Passat TDI SEL. Handling needs some improvement but it's my daily driver also. I live on mostly backroads , but we do take long trips. I do my share of dodging potholes...
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    WTB: 2010 cup edition eastern us

    Looking for a tdi cup edition for my son. Lives in Charlotte area and hoping not to ship one but fly in drive home, etc. I can't part with ours just yet Thanks
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    2010 TDI Cup Edition White DSG (Las Vegas, NV)

    Still available. My son is looking for one. Thanks
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    VW Drive Easy offered by Burlington VW

    Can I get warranty on a 2010 cup edition that is still a certified car with 54k miles. I am heading to Hershey in two weeks and would love to stop by. My son wants a tdi. I am either selling him ours and getting a passat sel tdi or buying one for him. Thanks
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    FS: 2010 Jetta TDI Cup Edition

    Looking for one for my son. I have a laser blue cup and he wants one! Shipping is the problem to Charlotte area. I'll reach out to you soon
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    Official TDI Cup Edition production by transmission & color

    Thanks for providing that production info. I have 1 of 108 laser blue models with dsg. Bought car in mid June and have already put 5000 miles on it. Love it so far and I haven't seen another one on the roads yet.