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    Relay Recall???

    Another thing to check is that there is no corrosion in the glow plug connector. There is two wires leading to the rubber connector assembly that attaches to the tops of the glow plugs. Each wire supplies current to two glow plugs. If there is a bit of corrosion in the connection to the top...
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    Oil Pan Heater Pix

    The dealership I frequent has the new "Stick-On" pan heaters in stock. It's available at Autohaus in Barrie, Ontario. I'm not sure what the price is, but according to the parts manager, they are now available at most of the Canadian dealerships. ------------------ DZLKopf Drink Diesel, Eat...
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    What is the Epsilonian Device, what does it do, and why do I need one?

    Do a search in the "TDI Power Enhancements" section for "Jesus loves me" and you'll find out how to install an Epsilonian Device. ------------------ DZLKopf Drink Diesel, Eat Soot, Breathe NO2.... Hooah!
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    This is too cool!!

    Shell has good quality, low sulfur diesel. However, you should always buy diesel from a station that gets plenty of truck traffic so that you get fresh diesel. Some of the less frequented or isolated stations still have summer diesel in the tanks. Although it may be a bit cheaper, and you...
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    What's with the thing you call "bra"?

    Re: What\'s with the thing you call \"bra\"? A Car Bra is used to protect the finish on the car from nasty road hazards like flying stones and bugs etc. It's basically an easily removable protection that you'd use when going on a long road trip, or if you commute where there are construction...
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    PCV Bypass

    The Crank Case vapors are currently piped in BEFORE the turbocharger compressor. This SUCKS the vapors out of the crankcase. If you hooked up to the intercooler side, it will pump high pressure air into the crankcase. I don't think that this would be a good idea. Don't you agree?
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    Anti-Shudder Valve 101

    The Red Arrow points to the actuator arm for the Anti Shudder flap valve. DZLKopf
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    Blaupunkt is right. Propane IS the NOS of the Diesel world. Much cheaper too! The propane kits for Cummins Diesels will work just fine on a TDI. The flow rate needs to be reduced a bit for the TDI engine. The places that sell these kits are more than happy to help you with installation and...
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    Keeping ice off windows

    Get yourself an Interior heater for your car. It keeps the interior toasty, and you NEVER have to scrape. The only time I ever have to scrape is when I get into my car to go home from work. It's always clear whenever it's in the driveway. And, it only costs pennies per day to do it if you...
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    what is VW sealing paste?? substitutes

    I worked in an auto plant for a little over a year, and the sealer was applied to the body of a car after it had been dipped in the various anti-corrosion solutions. It was applied over weld seams to keep moisture from getting between the sheets of metal. It is typically applied in beads along...
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    Early Timing Belt Replacement

    Well, actually I was considering making one out of wood. I was planning on making one that had "A" frame ends that would rest on the inside lip of each fender in the same manner as the VW engine lift, with a 2x4 across the top. I would then use a "Come Along" as the hoist portion. Although, I...
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    Early Timing Belt Replacement

    Well, I've bought almost all the special tools for doing a TB change on an Automatic A4. The only tool I still need is the engine lift to hold the engine when the motor mount is removed. But, since the thing is $700 USD, I think that I'd like to build one. If someone has bought the engine...
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    remote control battery

    Thanks, I rather enjoyed doing that "mini tutorial". I may tackle something else, like "Fuel filter changing". Can anyone think of anything they'd like to see a step-by-step photo series of on an A4 TDI? (Besides a Timing Belt change.) I'd love to do another photo series, but can't think of...
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    remote control battery

    Thanks, but just in case the site becomes unavailable, I thought I'd take a few pics of my own Key in various stages of disassembly. Use a small screwdriver. Lift the half with the VW emblem carefully, while pulling the ends apart. Apart like this... This tiny lip fits into this...
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    remote control battery has a good thread on this subject...
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    Oil Filter Sale at Oakville VW.

    Turbo Steve, $43.00 CDN for 4 filters is cheaper than your $8.50 USD each. 8.50 * 4 = 34.00 USD Convert that 34.00 to CDN... 34.00 * 1.5 = 51.00 Add 7%GST (applied to any cross border shipment over $20) 51.00 * 1.07 = 54.57 And, I haven't added Shipping or brokerage fees. ($30.00 for...
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    The familiar 1500 rpm shudder ...

    NEWSFLASH Gas Stations Switch to Winter Formula Diesel Diesel Owners Become Paranoid Thinking Performance Probs are Related to Recent Mods Film at Eleven
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    Interesting New TSB's

    Re: Interesting New TSB\'s Oh, just friggin' wonderful! I drive past a vinegar factory regularly. Sometimes the fumes are strong enough to sting your nostrils. I sometimes avoid this route just because of the smell. Should I start avoiding this route for the sake of my car too?
  19. D is back !

    No, if they ONLY wanted to sell them, they would never had made the site public. However, I think that they would take offense at someone ELSE selling them.
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    The last couple pages of the Warranty book outlines how you can BUY individual TSB's directly from VW. However the index is FREE. From the 2000 Golf Jetta Canada Warranty booklet... Updated Service Information You Can Obtain Volkswagen monitors product performance in the field and regularly...