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    Anywhere in Seattle to chip/tune a 2014 TDI/DSG Beetle?

    Another vote for Malone Tuning! You shouldn't have to go all the way up to Canada for a tune, check out his website, there are a few local authorized dealers.
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    North Snohomish county Mechanic?

    Diesel Outfitters in North Smokey Point, just past the Longhorn Saloon in the same building as Springer Equipment. They work on TDIs - let 'em know Jetta Girl sent you. :) 360-386-9608 Or, if you are up for a trip, JS Performance is the other place I trust my car to. They are just over the...
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    Donation Fundraiser for Marcell Campbell (buckweat_diesel)

    Welcome back, Marcell! Can't tell you how much it warms my heart to know you're kicking cancer's ass and making a come back. :D
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    any TDI mechanics in Burlington, mount vernon, wa area?

    JS Performance is right over the border in Abbotsford, they've done most all of the work on my car. They know what they are doing and are honest, good people Or, Diesel Outfitters in North Smokey Point is good. Tell Mike that Jetta Girl sent you. :)
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    SF: Selling my car and moving on.. weep

    Whaddya mean a work car means it will have "less personality and be not customized at all"?! :D My car is my only car that I use for a long commute everyday... and I still have the race tune in it that I drag raced on! Only thing worse than a long commute is a long and boring commute! ;)...
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    LK Stevens GTG June 4th

    If Harald comes, I'll come! :D
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    How much ya got?

    14" at my house, and it's still coming down this morning! :eek:
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    2011 West Coast GTG; Sometimes Erroneously Referred to as "WestFest"

    Adorable baby girl, Brian!! I wish I could have been there to meet her. :) Maybe next year... Was she wearing a baby "Jet Puff Racing" shirt? :D
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    BRM Builds

    Don't know how the heck I missed this thread for so long... :o I've been over 200HP for a few years now, but haven't been racing for just over 2 years. My car is holding up really well - just had to replace the brakes recently (thanks Fixum Haus :)) and I think I need to replace an engine...
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    2011 West Coast GTG; Sometimes Erroneously Referred to as "WestFest"

    X's 2. :o Would love to see some pics... Missed all of you! Travis and Pierre - did you guys race? Who won?
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    2011 West Coast GTG; Sometimes Erroneously Referred to as "WestFest"

    lol Pierre... I'm tryin real hard to make it so we can come down... but I probably won't be racing. :( You win this year, I'll even up the score next year. :D I'll let you know for sure as we get closer to the date if we'll be there or not... fingers are crossed! ~JG
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    LK Stevens GTG June 4th

    Thanks for another great gtg, Jorry! It was wonderful to see you again, I wish we were able to stay longer. :) Great to see everyone else ~ hoping to make it to the PDX gtg in August, but it's a bit of a long shot. See y'all next year! JG
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    2011 West Coast GTG; Sometimes Erroneously Referred to as "WestFest"

    Shoot! I don't think we will be able to make it to this one... we are going to be just getting back from a long vacation that Friday. I'm sure going to miss you all!
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    LK Stevens GTG June 4th

    See you all there ~ can't wait to see some old friends!! :) Ed - do you still have my #? Maybe we can caravan out to Jorry's from Smokey Point. :D
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    TDI Tuning; DTUK(4), RaceChip, Dieselpower, Tuningbox anyone ?

    You won't go wrong with Malone Tuning or DieselTuning Tuning Boxes. I've used both, and am currently using Malone Tuning in my car. Both companies have top-notch service and intelligent, helpful people to advise you properly. Both options are good ones. :) Talk to JSP out of Abbostford, BC...
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    TDIFest 2010 Drag Racing Event!

    I'm working on getting back in the saddle! :) I'll be there for West Fest 2011 for sure, and will be planning on lining up w/ you first at the drags!! Thanks Pierre! Looking forward to see you next year!!
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    TDIFest 2010 Drag Racing Event!

    Yeah we do! And believe me... I was really looking forward to lining up against him. I guess now we are almost even, and I won't be able to poke fun at him for backing out previously. Have fun guys! I wish I could make it!! :D:o
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    TDIFest 2010 Drag Racing Event!

    You guys... I'm so sorry, but I won't be able to make TDI fest... or the racing. :( An urgent matter has come up and it requires my immediate attention. This sucks, I was so looking forward to seeing you all again. :mad: Those of you that have my cell #, I would love to see some pics...
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    GTG LK Stevens May 22

    It was great to see everybody again!! Missed a few people this year, but it was nice having a smaller GTG this time. Thanks Jorry and Marie - you guys always put on such a nice, welcome and fun GTG. :) See ya'll at TDI fest!!