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    Anyone still like to meet ? NC?

    A little late reading the thread but another Fayetteville person here that is willing to GTG.
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    Black Hatch trim ?

    Interesting, not the same but pretty close. I can't see the VW section of that site as I don't have an account yet, maybe I will make one.
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    Black Hatch trim ?

    I have seen on the GTi's where there is a black trim piece the curves up the sides of the hatch and across the top. Would this piece fit on a Wagen hatch?
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    TDI Phase 2

    My phase 2 was schedule for July 2nd, not sure why the appointment is so far away, I made it about 2 or 3 weeks ago when I got the letter. I called them back like 2 days after making the appointment and asked them if they could do the 3 year service at the same time since I picked up the car in...
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    Appointment set for my 2.0L TDI Engine (GEN 3) Emissions Control Software - Stg 1 Mod

    That doesn't really sound like the fix at work. My car before a fix is showing these "shift times" on the screen. I can be doing 47mph on a flat road and it will tell me to shift into 6th.
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    Fix Performance Questions

    Not sure why I didn't see the thread, maybe the naming of it didn't make sense to me. I will focus on that thread from now on.
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    Appointment set for my 2.0L TDI Engine (GEN 3) Emissions Control Software - Stg 1 Mod

    I was directed to this thread so I am going to just sub to this and let mine fall off hopefully. Wouldn't want to piss anyone else off, lol. After looking at some of these changes it would appear I mostly likely will not see much of a change at all since I have a 6speed manual so I wouldn't have...
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    Fix Performance Questions

    I went through 2 or three pages and all the threads were mostly about buybacks and talking about their experiences with the dealers or buy out prices. I just got my stuff in the mail the other day and it states that there should be no loss of performance or anything major. My main question is...
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    2015 Sportwagen Starting question

    Ok, thanks for the info. I didn't think it was a glow plug as a friend mentioned that also but I didn't even know I had glow plugs as I have no control over that. I literally just push in the clutch and press the button. No place to put the key anywhere but keep it in my pocket as the only key...
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    2015 Sportwagen Starting question

    Got my 2015 brand new back in August 15 before the whole TDI thing. Got really low miles 8,915 currently. This morning starting was longer than normal. It was kind of cold but not really. It was around 42 degrees this morning so not even freezing. I pressed the starter and it took around 4...
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    How to do your buyback calculations (& post them here!)

    Not really sure if I did the calculations correctly as with my mileage I came out with a negative number. What is the 1024 number with calculating by months come from? As it stands with my calculations at the moment. 2015 GSW SE 6speed 7200 mileage $7193 fix $28227 buyback. I will be taking the...
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    Bumper Lip glue question

    I got a new bumper lip from VW and it states I need to use glue in a track on the lip. I went to VW parts and asked them what kind of glue I need and if they had any. They told me they just go to places like carquest or something. So I went to a shop in town and I got something called 3M...
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    2016, January 30 GTG at DanG144's Chapin, SC

    I am glad some people were taking pictures. Not sure why but I completely forgot about pulling the old phone out and snapping some. At least I can see my car as I was pulling in on that last shot, lol.
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    2016, January 30 GTG at DanG144's Chapin, SC

    I can bring both of these items. I have a one of those pop up covers that you can put over a car and you see at conventions. Its like an 8x8 foot square.
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    Window Deflectors - how's the fit?

    Ah ok, makes sense. The GSW rear windows are a different shape than the standard golf so us GSW drivers can't get rear window vents yet. Hell, a lot of shops still list 2015 as a Jetta.
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    Anyone else getting hit up by dealers asking to buy their TDI back?

    Thanks for this post. Had a good laugh. :D
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    Window Deflectors - how's the fit?

    They are making rear door deflectors now? I haven't checked since I got my front doors in. Feel a little funny driving with only the fronts but no one was making rear door inserts for awhile.
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    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    Put some white 3M film on my chrome strips on my grill, popped the emblem off and placed my inner white VW vinyls on and dipped the emblem itself.
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    Engine idle after turn off

    Didn't know I could change the title without a mods help. I found it in advanced.