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    Why is Oil leaking out of my frame?

    That does not look like the cavity wax used by VW.
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    Real World MPG - 6 speed Manual

    My average since I have owned the car is 47.8 mixed city hwy over 4400 miles. Best tank was 60
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    opinions on potential new purchase

    Use truecar app. Saved me thousands
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    First 900 mile tank

    Yes miles! Spell check hates me!
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    900 mike club!

    Lol yes miles...ex army also!
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    First 900 mile tank

    904 17.1 gal full up. 1000 is an easy number if you can keep it on the hey 780 of my 904 were hey. The rest were very short drives that killed my numbers a bit
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    900 mike club!

    I'm in :-) 904 miles on a tank. 17.1 gallon fill up. Would have been much better but had about 120 miles of short trips while on vacation.
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    Feeler: Interest for TDI mechanic in Chattanooga?

    Lowering spring install?
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    Interior trim

    By chance does anyone local want to swap wood grain for my brushed aluminum trim?
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    When will we see the 2016 Passat?

    Love the camera having kids in the house as well as the neighborhood
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    Well i am part of the Passat tdi owners now!

    I am loving it. Drove to Atlanta today. On the way down took it slow and was mindful of consumption it returned me with 54 mpg. On the way back I drove a lot faster Averaged 50.8. Pretty impressive considering the power increase over what my old 2001 jetta tdi had! Have you gotten vag-com yet?
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    Well i am part of the Passat tdi owners now!

    Hey Don. Long time no see! The dealer had to pick it up in Bristol when the driver pulled in I checked the car it was sitting at 50.5 :-) he did better than me!
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    2015 Passat SE 6 speed pricing

    I used true car and did the financing through my credit union 22,300 plus ttl
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    best deals on 2015's?

    I used Truecar Very easy and upfront.
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    Well i am part of the Passat tdi owners now!

    Lol I wish. I wouldn't be in an se! But I wanted a manual transmission. :-) I didn't do bad. I think it came out to 22,300 plus ttl
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    Well i am part of the Passat tdi owners now!

    Um hmmm. I think you all will like it :-)
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    Well i am part of the Passat tdi owners now!

    Having worked at the plant for 5 years I finally bought a new Passat TDI SE 6M just wanted to say hey
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    NEW BOSCH T-4 Nozzles

    it was great talking to you on the phone yesterday Frank, very informative! Thanks for your time Brent
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    VW MKV Jetta TDI Ownership Experience

    still trouble free at 178,000 :)