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    97 passat. Need tires, rims?

    Is lug bolt type really the determining factor for whether a wheel fits a vehicle or not if the physical dimensions like bolt pattern, diameter, width and offset are comparable and the center bore differences can be overcome with hub centric rings? I am looking at a set of Borbet F wheels...
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    Free B4V Fuel Tank, Denver CO

    Did the VR6 wagons have a smaller tank than the diesel wagon?
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    Downpipe source ?

    PM sent on the wiring harness.
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    Braided Turbo Feed Line Kit VW A3/B4 AHU/1Z Replaces Original 028145771BC

    Bump for an older Vendor For Sale thread,, just installed one of these lines on my '97 B4. No more leaks, good fitment, having a new clamp included was helpful. Sent a message to seller after the Ebay purchase, KKK turbo, received the advertised $10 refund, I did use a slightly larger and...
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    FS 2 - 1996 Passat B4Vs (wagons)

    might as well get my number as well, Ron, we spoke on the phone last night.
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    Not mine- CL find, low mileage B4V Eastern PA

    that was a strange one,, yes there's some rust under the driver's side passenger floor, I felt bad for the guy,, he had high hopes,, the more expensive Bilstein struts (yellow ones), brand new panzer plate sitting, VAG COM, fog lamps sitting in bubble wrap,, pile of old damp Mann filters. I...
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    Not mine- CL find, low mileage B4V Eastern PA

    this one was close to home,, looked at it for a friend today,, inspection sticker dated 2013, wouldn't start even with a quick whiff of starting fluid, supply side turbo oil line blew, was replaced, but likely the reason it's been sitting since that time, looks like someone was poking around...
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    exhaust removal advice

    Kroil penetrating oil has worked for me, not only here but also on such things as those 8mm rear brake carrier bolts. As others have mentioned, soak well, tap with a hammer, repeat
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    96 Passat license plate lights

    As expected, received order cancellation notice from Jim Ellis, no surprise these are NLA,, giving Latvia a shot now.
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    96 Passat license plate lights

    Thank you Steve,, much more positive results with your part #. How do you come up with these hard to find part #'s? Jim Ellis shows them still available, other online VW dealers show them as NLA. Placed an order, we'll see what happens. Ebay search on this number shows them available via the...
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    96 Passat license plate lights

    Would anyone have any suggestions for replacing the B4 plastic lens covers for the license plate lights? No part # that I can see on what's left of the lens, pulled the fixture out, 1H5943167. Google search took me to an Ebay listing for the fixture, no lens, listing shows this fitting A3...
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    Updated! TONS of people looking for B4 parts, Revkev is parting one out!

    Any triangle interior corner window trim pieces, looks like the right front might have been repaired from one of your first pictures? Assuming that if the door handles are staying, so would any good door handle gaskets? If no one is interested in the front grill surround, a spare wouldn't be...
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    Changing-out side marker covers to lights?

    Thanks for the detailed post. Of course, I just finished wiring up the the grey parking lamp wire, hoping to use the side marker light the same way, rather than a side mounted turn signal. So these side markers can't be used this way? Lights I used came from a junkyard B5, also see a bunch of...
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    Changing-out side marker covers to lights?

    I would just like to confirm two things before splicing any wires as this thread mentions both the fender mounted corner marker lights and adding an additional side light in the fender emblem opening. If I want to "sync up" the corner marker light with the front bumper turn signal so that the...
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    Hooray for Diesel Purge!

    I picked up a two pack of 5/16" fuel line splices at Napa last night, they're metal, not plastic, a little long, 2 1/2". Have a spare set of fuel lines from filter to pump, seemed OK for the supply side, maybe a little too big for the return. Thought I'd just use plastic fuel line into glass jar.
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    Hooray for Diesel Purge!

    Thank you, I wasn't sure about using splices or tubing that weren't designed for fuel applications.
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    Hooray for Diesel Purge!

    Could anyone share their setup for running Diesel Purge? The supply side I've read is 8mm ID (~5/16), return looks a little smaller? 5/16" hose splice for the supply, smaller one for return? Is clear plastic or vinyl hose OK to use?
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    WTB: B4 front passenger corner marker light

    I have seen those reflectors, not sure about if they'd pass a state safety inspection with no lighting. There are a few other part #'s that might be helpful for anyone searching salvage yards that have an online inventory. First one one below helped me find a set at a junkyard,,, don't have...
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    WTB: B4 front passenger corner marker light

    I'm also in need of corner marker lights, similar luck searching for new or used. Some of the listings on I'm finding are two or three years old, have a few "I'll call you back" still outstanding, couple of suspicious responses from VWVortex. Right side had been stuck on with...