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    Updated media interface cable

    I have not yet ordered because i bought a new '15 for work and 2 weeks later they tell me they are giving me a focus instead of reimbursement! WE NEED TO DETERMINE is that part will allow one to at least charge a android based phone that requires the fast charging. IF the data does not connect...
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    Updated media interface cable

    Im taking us back on topic here folks. The point of this thread is to determine how we transfer the mmi connector in the ashtray of the 2015- models to the USB version found on 2016+ models. I will be the guinea pig and order the chinese part from Ebay and then determine however I am little...
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    Updated media interface cable

    mdi to usb Obsessed with figuring this out. I am willing to buy a usb for $12 on ebay or for $26 you get the cables from china. I just can not believe no one has figured this out and VW does not have a bulletin out for the dealer to do the job and make some money...
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    1990 Corrado TDI $3300

    I never knew so many Americans could not handle no A/C. I grew up driving multiple vw's with no AC and never complained. Then again, I just read a statistic that only 18% know how to drive a manual. No offense to anyone. Anyways the corrado is sold. The new owner is extremely excited as his...
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    1990 Corrado TDI $3300

    1z tdi swap from 97 passat. 240k 5spd a/c delete 50mpg Driven daily no issues. clutch/flywheel/tb/wp all have less than 40k total since last completed. Located in Baltimore, MD link to google pics
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    1990 Corrado with 1z swap in MD $4500

    Sure just let me know. The corrado is an interesting car in terms of engineering. Specifically the electrical portion. My buddy had to design me a homemade relay system to deal with the common window failure issue. But they work perfect now! The mechanical end of the car is fine. There are just...
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    1990 Corrado with 1z swap in MD $4500

    bad hair Im always having a bad hair day because I only have so much left. :p I'll work on some better pictures this weekend. My craigslist ad is all I have at the moment. I really don't want to sell the corrado but between all the cars I have, it makes it very difficult to keep everything...
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    1990 Corrado with 1z swap in MD $4500

    A few pictures here.
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    1990 Corrado with 1z swap in MD $4500

    White exterior with red dot interior. Mechanically near perfect with a 1z from 97 passat swap and 5spd. Adjustable coilovers and 17inch wheels. Timing belt, water pump etc have all been serviced in last 30k. This is not a mint corrado but everything is working and in tact. Body is still solid...
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    Anyone Done Auto to Manual 6-spd Swap?

    I know several people who have done this in Maryland (Baltimore). Shoot me an email to discuss. This is a common swap for Gassers however you may be better off purchasing an upgraded gear set sold by WorldImpex depending on how much you want to spend.
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    ImpexTDIFest 2014

    Impex Tdi fest 2014 shirts are still available for $10. If you are not in need of parts, World Impex will ship the tshirt for $1.00 extra by simply calling a sales person 410-771-0626. Thanks again for all who attended...
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    FS: A3/S3 engine covers NIB, NEW

    WORLD IMPEX HAS 1 s3 battery cover kit in stock WORLD IMPEX HAS 1 s3 battery cover kit in stock if anyone is still interested.
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    Jetta Diesel vs. Jetta Gas reliability...

    reliability If were gonna bring gasser's in to this I would love to chime in about the VR6. I personally think that besides the ABA 2.0, the AAA 12v VR6 is simply one of the best vw motors ever built. I generally saw 28mpg at an average of 87mph in my college days from Batimore to Western, MD...
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    2005 vw passat wagon tdi $2700

    Confirmed bsm was not installed.
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    2005 vw passat wagon tdi $2700

    *** I am advertising for the owner. His info is show at bottom of post** ONE OWNER. 175k. Currently the transmission is not moving when in drive. The trans was replaced at 90k with a Factory VW replacement ($3500 not including install). No one has scanned the computer however as the story goes...
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    World Impex?

    Folks, will officially be under new ownership Jan/2014. Year one we expect to change the website layout while adding many new items such as performance products, auto detailing products, and additional automotive related products. We are very excited while preparing to only...
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    Emissions exempt in Maryland?

    clean diesel Are the clean diesels still exempt from emissions in the state of md?
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    2014 BMW 328d Sedan A 3-series BMW with VW Jetta TDI Fuel Economy?

    My brother has the 335d and loves it (minus auto trans only).
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    FS: NEW 1z AHU INJECTION PUMPS 0460404970

    BRAND NEW Bosch Made. No CORE RETURN required. $970 + shipping. part# 0460404970 028-130-115-GX Should work for your passat/jetta 96-98 TDI's Buy @
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    tdi passat @ Crazy Rays Baltimore

    Word on the street is that there is a fresh complete TDI Passat at Crazy Rays in Baltimore.