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    "Diesel Fuel Only" Sticker Recall (20R9)

    I just had this done on my 2011 Jetta, though I haven't looked at it yet because I have another 400 miles to go on this tank of gas... The dealer said they are doing it because VW of America was covering the problem if you filled it with gas and then drove until it died. VW HQ didn't want to...
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    I want to get back into a TDI

    I know I am probably jinxing my 2011 Jetta TDI, but I have driven just over 14,000 miles since last June 1st and have had no troubles whatsoever. I know there have been problems with the HPFP, but aren't those in only a very small percentage of units sold? As for the higher price of diesel, so...
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    TDIFest 2012 coming to Ypsilanti, MI

    Thank you. Somebody got my little joke!
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    TDIFest 2012 coming to Ypsilanti, MI

    Wow, you really picked a "garden" spot for 2012! Also, why are you having it in Kentucky two years in a row? I can make fun of Ypsi since I attended Fletcher Elementary school for two years.
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    Jetta makes worst 2011 flop list

    Since I have never driven a Jetta prior to buying a 2011 TDI, I can't really comment on the comparison. That said, I think people are being a bit harsh. I really like the interior of the Jetta TDI. The seats are nice and comfortable, the lighting is awesome and unless you spend your whole life...
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    2011 Jetta at 4500 miles - impressions

    I am about to hit 5000 miles so I thought I'd chime in. Comfort 8 It's pretty comfortable. Leatherette seats are nice. Seating position good. My only gripe is that darn center console armrest. Once you jokers mentioned it, I can't get it out of my mind. Braking 10 My JTDI is a DSG, so I do...
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    this TDI mileage is misleading

    But that does save you money on fuel. Look at your monthly fuel costs. I drove a 20 MPG car before my Jetta and was lucky to get 350 miles to a tank of gas. Now I get 475 miles to a tank of gas and that tank is 13.5 gallons versus 16.5 gallons. I drive ~1200 miles a month, so if you do the math...
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    New England Dragway anyone?

    Their tech inspection is a joke. I went with my Challenger and they didn't do hardly anything before waving me on. That said, it was fun to run on the track. My launch technique sucks, so the best I could do was a 15.9 1/4 mile in my 3.5L Challenger.
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    How low will Sirius renewal offers will go?

    Originally, they were offering $142.95 for a 1-year contract. I told him no way, that was only $1.25 off per month and he immediately went down to $95/year. I thought that was fair and took the offer. I listen to it a fair amount, mostly on shorter trips where I don't go to the trouble to hook...
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    For those who think the mk6 is ugly

    What's the build code for that?
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    Consumer action on DSG mileage

    I do mostly city driving during the week and get 33 mpg. On longer trips with highways and less stop and go I have seen ~45 mpg. I have a '11 sedan with DSG and 4500 miles on it. I'm not the least bit disappointed, but then again I only have my Challenger (best case 25 mpg) to compare it to.
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    Ford Focus vs. TDI- real world driving cost

    Even if the Ford Focus got better gas mileage than the TDI, in the end, you would still be driving a Ford Focus. I'm just saying.
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    i love my 2011, but...

    You know, I never used to have a problem with the center "arm rest" until you jokers started complaining about it. Now it bugs me. Thanks a lot!
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    iphone Connector For Jetta TDI?

    Surylic is right. I have the low-end 2011 Jetta (no sunroof, no nav) and mine came with the touchscreen stereo, bluetooth and the iPod/iPhone cable. The voice command voice is very loud comapred to the volume of the phone. Next month I am putting in a Pioneer AppRadio, which will solve all the...
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    Get me a REAL armrest, pleaaaaaze!

    Shouldn't your hands be at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock on the steering wheel? Why would you need an armrest if you are driving properly.:rolleyes: I have no problem with the center armrest. Seems fine to me. My Challenger had the adjustable sort, but I didn't really think "This car is OK, but...
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    2011 Jetta TDI hesitation

    I too experience this lag. I read on another post that the way to "fix" this is to take your foot off the break about a second before you press the accelerator. I tried this and it works. Just takes a little getting used to versus an automatic transmission.
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    For those who think the mk6 is ugly

    I think that people have commented that it has lost it's distinctive look, not that it is ugly. Some reviewers have said it looks like a Toyota Corolla. Funny story about that. I was out and about in the Jetta on Saturday with a friend. When we came out of breakfast, he said he couldn't find my...
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    Slightly worried

    Thanks for the responses. It looks like I was worried for nothing. That station should update their sticker.
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    Slightly worried

    I do recall that although it said it was LSD, it also said it was 15ppm sulphur content, which I think what ULSD is rated at. It looks like I may be OK.
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    Slightly worried

    Today I accidently put 1/4 tank of Low Sulphur Diesel in my 2011 Jetta TDI. I didn't notice until I had put 3 gallons in that it wasn't ULSD. The VW dealer said I was OK and to fill it up with ULSD to dilute the LSD. Should I be worried?